Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Time To Kick Start Our Season

Charlton have always liked to do things the hard way. Most of the time that tends to be matters off the pitch. Of late, it has very much been in respect of matters on the pitch.

Back in the autumn, we went on a great run and didn’t concede a goal in 6 consecutive games. Subsequently, we have kept a clean sheet twice in 16 games.

In those games on occasions we have conceded two or more goals. No wonder we’ve only collected 3 points from 4 of those 16 games.

For the most part we have conceded first and then had to battle to try and get something from the matches.

Saturday was no different of course with two individual errors accounting for the first goal and whilst a bit unlucky with a deflection, a failure to track a run helped Swindon with the second.

It’s been a familiar sequence of events that I’m sure has most Addicks pulling out what remains of their hair!

At one time we looked devoid of ideas all over the pitch and after 30 minutes of one game, ( I can’t recall exactly which one now ) so insipid was our performance, that I was close to giving up and closing down the laptop!

Thankfully, the addition of some new recruits, allied to the return from injury of a couple of players, has meant that, of late, we have carried more purpose and threat.

Sadly, as mentioned, those defensive errors remain although we are creating more chances. The only issue outstanding is that we need to take a greater majority of them!

The need to be more clinical is greater than ever if we’re to seriously mount a challenge at the top. Time is running out and an automatic place will prove out of reach if we don’t go on a run soon.

It’s not just our strikers who are to blame for the poor goals to chances ratio. Our midfielders have been guilty of poor finishing or decision making in and around the box.

Often players have shot when they should have passed or vice versa!

The condensed fixture list and sudden postponements haven’t helped and suspensions along with injuries play their part too.

We do seem to have had more than our usual return of red cards. In addition, we’ve seen a few 5 yellow cards suspensions with Watson leading the way early on of course!

On a positive note, things seem to have settled a bit and at just past the halfway mark in terms of games we now pretty much know who should be in our starting eleven.

Bowyer hasn’t always picked the best side or squad and it has cost us a couple of times. However, I’m sure he now has a pretty clear idea of who is going to getting us to the promised land!

After the MK game tonight we will have a break ( Covid permitting ) from the relentless run of Saturday – Tuesday games. This ought to allow the manager to choose a more settled and consistent side as well as having the full week to prepare for each game.

This is the one advantage we will have over other teams in and around us as they play their games in hand. Surely, that will take its toll on them.

The return of Famewo and Inniss will be a real boost to help shore things up at the back as well as carrying an additional threat at corners and set pieces.

The time to start that good run is tomorrow and to do so, we must be more clinical and make better decisions where it really matters!

Come On You Reds!


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