Sunday 27 January 2019

Point At Posh

Have we seen the last of Karlan ?

A large away following saw their team just fail to secure all 3 points at London Road ( I'm not calling it anything else ).

The away support this season has been excellent and steadily increasing as the Addciks have been on such a good run. Bowyer is always quick to acknowledge this and did so post match again yesterday.

It appears we played the better football especially during the second half. The second 45 minutes saw Grant's rather tepid penalty comfortably saved. As it appears that young Karlan could be on his way to pastures new he will be disappointed with that but as was seen in the Chelsea - Spurs league cup semi penalties are never easy and even the best players miss them.

Steve Evans was dismissed immediately following the game and few will shed a tear over that. No doubt he'll back in charge somewhere soon such is the way of the managerial merry-go-round.

The last few days would appear to have dealt the Addicks a double blow in their promotion bid. Our recent fine run has given rise to the possibility of securing one of the two automatic spots but with Taylor's ban and Grant apparently on his way that looks an increasingly difficult task.

Who knows to what extent Bowyer will be backed in his quest to secure replacements ? Whatever, he and Steve Gallen have a hectic and trying few days as they try to do so.

All will become clear when the Addicks next take to the pitch at Fleetwood. We can only hope that if Grant does go Bowyer is able to bring in the players he wants. Here's hoping !

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