Friday, 2 March 2018

The Things You Say.....*

All looking good ahead of tomorrow's pitch inspection. This picture was taken at 2.45pm..................
6 months ago !

In pure football terms Saturday would appear to be a good time to Wimbledon. In meteorological terms it’s certainly not and it's unlikely the game will be played.

All the blame can be put on The Beast from The East and this time, the beast’s not called Roland !

The Dons had a good January but February has not been kind to them. They’ve played 7 games , winning only 1, losing 5 with one draw. Their form otherwise has been inconsistent at best and explains why they are towards the bottom of the league.

Our form has been a little better but not what you’d expect for a club with our squad and play-off aspirations. The injuries to JDS and Kashi will hardly help our cause but no one other than Robinson apologists would argue that we ought to be in a much better position. That anyone is blind to his short-comings that are increasingly exposed with each passing game is a mystery to me. It's not just DHL who are failing to deliver.

Robinson may have improved morale to a degree and be a slight improvement on the previous recent incumbents ( that's not saying a lot ) but we need someone who’s tactically astute and can motivate and organise players appropriately. In short, we need more than a cheerleader !

The manager made a long winded statement ( no, really ! ) praising virtually everyone connected with the club. Unbelievable was the oft repeated word. The same word he used to describe Shrewsbury after he watched them play before setting us up for a right old drubbing last Saturday.

The injury to JDS has implications beyond the mere fact the he won't be available for the next few games. It does mean that when we face Plymouth we won't be able to postpone the game due to having 3 or more international call ups. 

That means the unthinkable and not playing Josh Magennis. Robinson will potentially have to think of another way of playing or at the very least try someone else up front. I'm looking forward to seeing how it pans out.

It could be amusing if not effective given that on Saturday he opted to move Aribo to left back on Saturday when JDS went off. There were many options available that were far more appropriate but the manager chose to ignore them all. On that basis replacing the ever-present Magennis should er.......interesting. What masterstroke can he come up with for that one !

Today's aforementioned clarion call was an odd move even for Robinson. Praise on the one hand for all and sundry whilst stating that Bowyer and Jackson don't have much experience in the role. A tough 12 months or so for him but how much has he learned and we're in a much better place.....he's been having lessons from La Meire it seems !

This is new territory for Robinson as he is seemingly getting his excuses in very early. It's not my fault guvnor, honest !

If The Addicks are to scrape into the playoffs we'll need a large percentage of wins from our remaining games. It all seemed highly unlikely before Saturday's potential postponement with further fixture congestion and injury loss. It appears even more unlikely now.

Unless the manager has a footballing road to Damascus moment it's really not going to happen and I wonder, with teams around us hitting form, just how low down the league we will go before season end.

Come On You Reds !

* with apologies to EMF



  2. So much negativity - we know our shortcomings, we know our tactical and selection mistakes, we know about our injuries and vile backdrop to the important stuff on the pitch - you bleating on and seeming to enjoy the prospect of us losing and dropping down the table is pointless and frankly, makes me sick. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but I’m done with yours - we don’t need your “support” thanks

    1. Anon, I certainly don't enjoy us losing although I've got used to it over the years ! I've supported Charlton for many years for what it's worth and never expect a great deal in return. However, we ought to be doing a lot better. I'm tired of a manager who longs on talk but short on action and apparently not learning or doing anything to address it. In addition, I'd like him to accept more responsibility too. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect yours even if I may not agree with it. I think we have ( had ) a great opportunity to get back up to the Championship and it's heartbreaking to see it being thrown away for the sake of a few basic changes in approach. If I'm giving my views on our club then I'm not going to shy away from presenting an honest opinion of how I feel. Not that it makes any difference but I'm not alone in my view of the manager as you'll know if you read various forums and social media. I could be wrong of course and he may prove to be good for us in the very long run. That'd be great if he is. If you've read my blog for long enough then you'll know I didn't think Robinson was right for us from day one. Like many others I've invested a lot over the years both emotionally and financially and as such feel I ought to make observations. It'd be a bit pointless for me to pretend I was happy with everything. All that aside, thank you for taking the time to comment and I hope that our club is soon sold and that with decent owners we can all start moving in the right direction again. Phil.

  3. Come on Anon. Take issue with what you see as negativity by all means, but just who is 'we'? I get very suspicious when anyone seems to set themselves up as representing some unidentified group. And will will want all Addicks post-takeover!

    1. BA, thanks for your comment. I know I've been seemingly negative in recent posts but it's hard to be critical of someone or something without being so. My observations / comments are made out of the frustration of watching us throw points away, in my view unnecessarily. It can and should be addressed but isn't. When you care so much about something you're going to say something aren't you ? Robinson may be a great bloke to have a beer with and people seem to warm to him when they met him but I'd rather he was better at the job he's employed to do, anything else is a bonus. Not every manager can be like Sir Chris !

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