Thursday 9 March 2017

Blazing Saddlers

A much needed win on Tuesday lifted a little of the gloom surrounding a dreadful run of performances and results that has taken us towards relegation.

The threat remains of course as it needs more than one win to secure our League One status. i'm sure that Meire promised with our top 6 budget we'd be challenging for a play-off berth at least. However, like most of her promises it has come to nowt.

Our CEO yesterday cancelled her 2 upcoming Q&A sessions scheduler for 11th and 25th March. A communications mix up we're led to believe and Rubashow has to issue an embarrassing apology that looks weaker than Meire's CV.

Maybe they clash with her holidays. I'm sure she went off on vacation about this time last year when we were facing a crisis on the pitch. Perhaps I'm wrong and La Meire is off just yet. 

Possibly there was a directive from Roly that she wasn't to meet with the vinegar pi**ers who so disrupted his dancing last weekend. That seems unlikely to a degree as the old man doesn't really pay any interest to what Daisy gets up to.

Meire did managed to speak to Radio 4 on International Womens Day. Having not spoken for months there she was self-promoting. She did managed to tell the audience that Charlton are a Championship club and we need to get back there. She did bother to add the " with Premiership aspirations " bit. Even she couldn't be bothered with the pretence.

In the meantime Robinson has been talking again......yes, really !

Apparently Watt repaid the faith in him coming on as sub. I'd like a piece of the action please. I reckon I could do about 10 minutes and put a pen away for the money the Scot is getting.

The manager tells us all how it tough love for Watt as though he's found the secret to managing the former Celtic player. Clearly that's a load of bull as Watt looks less fit now than when he first returrned to the club. 

Remember Robinson was going to make him run, sweat, bleed, apologise etc.etc. Doesn't look like that's happened to me.

Other gems of late from the manager include today's " I'm not one of those who gets very emotional ". Yeah, right ! Level headed Robinson ! We've all seen him react like he's won the Premier League after a win.

Of more concern is his claim in respect of the endless slog of games of late that " I've never known nothing like this ". Really ? In his time as manager he's not had a run of Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday matches like the one we're currently in ?

Like most of what he says I find that hard to believe.

Leaving all the above behind and we move onto Saturday and another tough game. They'll all be tough as we're so sh....ambolic and lacking in confidence. 

We desperately need those two remaining wins so that we don't have to worry about the drop to the bottom tier.

It all remains a tough ask and I can see this going all the way to the end of the season.

Tuesday's empty stands was a depressing sight and your author was one of the absentees. I couldn't motivate myself for the journey that would have seen me not home before midnight. That's not good but sadly it's where me and many others are at.

As someone remarked you wonder what Meire thinks as she surveys the empty rows of seats. Possibly it's " my work here is nearly done ".

If Meire had any professional credibility or basic sense of pride she'd have resigned a long time ago. Clearly she hasn't and I'm not she has any decency as a human being either or for that alone she'd have gone.

She knows Roly won't sack her despite her sacking those she's appointed after only a few months on the basis that they aren't competent. 

She'll never get another job at a football club that's not owned by Roly. I guess she'll return to international law once she's finished with us. How football will cope without her is anyone's guess. 

What a wretched season this has been - the icing on the cake of their 3 year ownership.

Come On You Reds ! 


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  2. Phil do you reckon we can sue Ms Meire under the trades description act. People bought season tickets on the assurance we were a championship side with premier league ambitions. Maybe we should do a product customer star rating as she insists we are just that.

    1. Martin, I'm not sure what we'd be rating. Her radio interview aside I'm not aware that she's actually done anything save for cancelling the aforementioned Q&A sessions.

    2. I meant Customer rating on the team after all that is the product she is selling. like the old days when the papers gave the player marks out of ten before stats came in

    3. Martin, we are a League 1 club with League 2 aspirations is how Meier will now be branding the product.

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