Wednesday 17 August 2016

Ricky Butchers The Shrews !

Ricky !

They say football is a simple game and so it is when you do the basics right and last night, Holmes made it look elementary. 

Ricky used his pace, skill and determination to take the game to the oppo. Whenever he had the ball he took upon himself to make teasing positive runs at  their defence and usually resulting in a teasing cross.

He thoroughly deserved his two goals. However fortuitous the second was as the result of a superb run and sublime finish from the edge of the area. The second from the corner saw the Addicks 3-0 up after 31 minutes and left me wondering when we last 3-0 ahead going into the break.

Skip's goal the second in successive games had me wondering when he last did that it probably goes back to our last time in League 1 when he scored against both Sheffield teams.

Mr Slade had opted to go with exactly the same starting eleven and bench and his faith was duly rewarded. Konsa was impressive and with Lennon, Bauer and possibly Tex in reserve it's clear in which area we have strength in depth.

Sadly, the second half didn't see any goals for The Addicks and in fact, in the early stages the Shrews had the better of the exchanges but for Mellon's side it was to prove a fruitless evening.

Lookman came on to show what he can do and he was somewhat reminiscent of Ricardo Fuller in the way the ball stuck to his foot. It was a shame that Mr Slade didn't take the opportunity to give a couple of other players a run out. I'm sure that Bauer in particular would have benefited from a few minutes on The Valley turf.

I guess we have to accept a lower level of refereeing in this league but last night's official was overly lenient and inconsistent. An increasingly tetchy Toney was lucky to stay on the pitch and could benefit from some anger management. 

If we can keep our better players and add a couple more then we are capable of mounting a real challenge. As I've observed before we need a good dose of luck with injuries for that to happen. 

The boys can now travel to Walsall in good spirit and with some confidence.


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  2. ere a2c, talkin of defeets, wot append to your ilk up at Peterborough lass night?

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  4. But Ricky's English, what's xenophobic about that? Try looking up the meaning of the word before you use it again a2c. Funnily enough, the other goal scorer is English too!

  5. As long as a2c keeps posting I'll keep deleting. It wouldn't be so bad if he had something different or objective to say. Sadly he doesn't so that's the way it'll continue to be.