Thursday 10 September 2015

The Millers

Windy Miller - he wasn't called Windy because he owned a windmill.......that was a cover to obscure the fact that he suffered from extreme flatulence. He once tried it on with Miss Lovelace who told him in no uncertain terms to " get off me you smelly bastard ! ". Appropriately Windy lived in Trumpton.

Roger Milla - no he didn't ! Even the Cameroon footballer wasn't shagging the whiffy one !
Arthur Miller - despite his slightly geeky looks Arfur married Marilyn Monroe. United could use someone who could score like that !
Jon Miller - see here on bottom left with the other members of How. For youngsters viewers in How the team used offer answers to some difficult questions although even they'd struggle to explain how Steve Evans is still employed as a football manager.
Glenn Miller - with an uncanny resemblance to Arthur, Glenn had an impressive slide technique. Could he have arrested United's slide down the table ?
Jacob Miller - the rugby player has an impressive tackle (oh err ! ) but even he would struggle to bring down Steve Evans. The Rotherham manager will probably manage that himself. 

Charlton play Rotherham United on Saturday.

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