Thursday 20 November 2014

Playing For Pride

Up The Loins !

Don't worry about your typical Millwall fan getting the above, they'll be chuffed that a Charlton blog is promoting their team. In similar fashion they'll fail to see the irony of their manager being named after a famous gaol. However, they'll have a good laugh if they score more " gaols " than us on Saturday.

Much is made of our poor record against that lot from down the road but one does need to bear in mind the time we've spent in different leagues. Our years in the Prem being a case in point.

Nonetheless we do owe them especially after last year's insipid home performance. This was exacerbated by the usual guff about the players, management, tea lady etc. all appreciating what it means to the fans. Fornicate that ! Put in a performance, hopefully win and then make your comments. Talk is cheap !

There are two or three ex-Addicks now plying their trade for the Spanners most notably Ricardo Fuller. How on earth he ended up there, God only knows. He will pose a big threat as always. He was quality in his one season for us but sadly wasn't appreciated by all. There is a general misconception about his injuries and matches missed.

Fuller's goals aside, many also overlook his numerous assists and ability to win free kicks in dangerous areas. I won't enjoy seeing him doing similar for them.

We ought to be looking forward to this game with confidence especially following a decent away win at Reading last time out. However, this fixture stands alone in that form and relative strengths of teams go out the window. A shame as Millwall's form of one win in the last ten games is poor however, " Ollie " might want to dress it up.

Hopefully the international break has seen nearly all our injuries clear up and a start for Igor is essential for our success I'd suggest. I wouldn't mind seeing a start for Francis Coquelin get a start and wouldn't mind seeing Skip playing just in behind Vetokele as a knock on effect, Whatever I do hope that Francis gets a decent amount of time on the pitch.

Big Bob has already in his short time at the helm established himself as something of a cult figure and a loss on Saturday won't greatly damage that. However, a convincing performance and a win will go a long way to enhancing that.

Let's hope for the 3 points and we can go off and drink Charlton's surrounding areas dry or at least those that have watering holes open !

Come On You Reds ! 


  1. I've been girding my substantial loins for the past 2 weeks !

    COYA !!!!!!!

  2. No Igor, unfortunately.....