Thursday, 21 August 2014

Home And Away

Following three home games in a week with wonderful symmetry we now face 3 games away in a week. To make it perfect symmetry the midweek game is the same Tuesday opponents as this week.

First up is Huddersfield who have not had the smoothest start to the season in losing both the game and manager on the opening day. They lost their second league game away to Cardiff but managed to win away to Reading on Tuesday.

We know all about Huddersfield of course having had numerous cup encounters in addition to the league fixtures in recent seasons. The Terriers saw an exodus of several players during the summer the most notable of which is Adam Clayton.

I've not seen any news on injured pair Henderson and Tucadean. Hopefully both will be fit and following a good game or half anyway on Tuesday, George would be a big loss if not available. One assumes that Solly will come back into the team replacing the impressive Gomez. 

If we can maintain the form that we've displayed at home then there's no reason why we can't mirror the outcomes of those last 3 home games in these away ones.

I'm off to sunnier climes on Saturday and will be enjoying my first foreign holiday for some time. I'm looking forward to seeing the sun again as the British summer seems to have gone into decline in the last couple of days.

This means a break for you dear reader. When I return I hope that we will have progressed in the league following a 1-1 draw at Derby where we went through 7-6 on pens ! In addition, I hope that we'll remain unbeaten and perhaps will have garnered another 4 points at least............that'd be nice.

It'd be good too if by the time I return the club has added a quality striker and winger as they appear to be the final pieces in the jigsaw.

Come On You Reds !

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