Monday 4 November 2013


Terry McDermott - Birmingham's Assistant Manager

So disappointed was Lee Clark on Saturday that he sent out his right hand man, Barry Chuckle, to face the media. As ever with Barry there weren't a lot of laughs to be had. I don't think he enjoyed the experience as afterwards when Lee asked Barry how it went, Barry replied " it might have seemed like a good idea to you, to me.........."

Thankfully our gaffer is never one to dodge his responsibilities and I expect a number of Blues fans were at best disappointed not to hear the boss's thoughts on why his team had lost.

Another spirited performance by the lads saw us garner the three points and keep another clean in the process. Dervite seems to have seamlessly replaced Wood in the back four and Jackson, whilst not quite Yann of course, led the troops in fine style.

By all accounts it was a comfortable win that should brought more goals. However, whilst I'm sure we'd all like more goals, I'm sure we'd settle for a 1-0 win every time at the moment. Hopefully we will be able to add to the firepower soon.

Dale Stephens came up with the winner and no doubt hopes that it came to the attention of another manager just across the city, Paul Lambert.

Leeds come a calling next Saturday at the Valley and it'll be interesting to see how we fare against them. As ever I hope that we can be more positive than we have been to date at home and can match the spirit that seems evident form last Saturday.

A few returning from injury, note notably Yann of course, would be most welcome.

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