Monday 7 May 2012

72 Hour Party People

Yann and Andy celebrate in front of the East Stand fans

What a ( long ) weekend. Guess we'll have to stop celebrating soon. Bank holiday Monday couldn't have come at a better time eh ! Myself and my lads were in our favourite curry house last night we got final confirmation of Solly as player of the year. Glasses were raised and the toast was to our excellent right back who's been fantastic this season.

Many players were deserving of the accolade and it's a shame but like the league itself, there can only be one winner. The football league show would have you thinking that it was The Owls who won the league by some considerable margin and not ourselves............little changes. One feels we could win the Champions League and only get a fleeting reference from the media.

Never mind. What a day Saturday was and as ever, Charlton knew how to mark the occasion. Great singers, great atmosphere and the Red Devils falling out of the've got to admire their courage and skill, how good was that ?

Before the game the Liberal Club was, like most other places, packed and we were lucky to secure some seats ahead of the main rush. An earlier than usual departure meant we were inside the ground in time to catch the pre-match entertainment. 

Upon taking our seats I was delighted to find a piece of card and the creative side of me ( no, not childish ) aided by Shepherd Neame soon had me making a plane. My eldest told how puerile I was being so I was delighted to be in increasingly good company as the afternoon progressed with the majority similarly having a go.

It was great to see Sir Chris let sentiment play a prominent part in team selection with the inclusion of Taylor but mostly Euell, another touch of class from the Gaffer.

I can't add to other bloggers in the reporting of the game other than to admit to an embarrassing ignorance of the score. Just prior to Hartlepool scoring we left to go for a comfort break and returned in total ignorance of the goal. It wasn't until 10 minutes, yes 10 minutes, into the second half when my lad remarked that there must be something wrong with the scoreboard. As the " mistake " wasn't rectified in the following few minutes we felt it prudent to ask others if we had missed a goal. Of course, we had indeed. 

Now we had consumed a few beers but not so many as to blame that entirely on our not knowing the score. Their goal couldn't have been greeted very loudly by the Smurfs and we had no particular reason to look at the big screen.  Never mind it all worked out in the end with 3 goals of the highest order and all in the wonderful second half spell. The Hartlepool consolation was well deserved. As others have observed, their fans were a credit to their club and were magnificent all day.

The post-match celebrations will live long in the memory as will the final words from Sir Chris. We have indeed got our Charlton back.

Plenty to look back on and forward to and I, like others will no doubt be blogging on that in the close season. 

It just remains for me to thank anyone who reads this blog, thank you for taking the time and your comments / thoughts are always appreciated. 

Thanks also go to Ketts from Doctor Kish for his insightful blogging and encouragement. I hope that the chip shops in the Championship are of good quality. 

Thanks to all the Charlton bloggers. There's such a good variety and thankfully of a better standard than mine and I enjoy reading the differing views and approach that the authors take to those.

As Sir Chris said enjoy the moment and we wait with great anticipation for the season ahead.     

Come On You Reds !


  1. Hey young Phil, no disappearing over the summer mate, I need you to lean on for inspiration.

    Thanks for all the posts, kind words and encouragement over the season, ANEM is an essential read for all of us.

  2. Excellent blogging, keep up the good work. The round of applause given to the Red Devils as they took their seats in the West Upper was nice to see as well.