Sunday, 8 April 2012

That's Champion !

Trevor Kettle, as always making blood rather than water boil

For the third consecutive Saturday the Addicks were presented with another incompetent official. Looking at the number of cards dished out you'd assume it was a dirty game with players at each other's throats all afternoon. Look at the highlights and listen to the views of all those present and you'll soon realise that this was far from the case.

The dismissal of Wagstaff was probably the icing on the cake. One wishes he did show more aggression so when I heard he'd gone too it only served to confirm what I was reading. 

Appropriately, for the first time, I followed the game via Twitter. It was with great trepidation that I clicked on the latest tweet as each time I was fearing another booking or dismissal. There were only two that gave me any joy.........Yann's goal and the final whistle.

Surely someone should be reviewing the performance of these officials. I read early on how bad the pitch was and yet Kettle didn't seem to take that into account. Nor did he consider that it wasn't a dirty game. All he did was ruin it as a spectacle for the paying public.

Fortunately the lads put in a Champions performance and came away with the 3 points. Possibly the most important 3 points of the season. This will enhance self-belief and is a major step forward as we seek to get over the line.

We all love Sir Chris of course and his post match interviews were both emotional and dignified. No over the top ranting about Kettle but wholesome, sincere praise of " my players " and " my club ". What class, what passion, what a man !

With both the Sheffields winning this was a vital win. Victory over the Saddlers tomorrow would be another massive step towards promotion. Again it really is another must win game as Carlisle will prove to be a very tough fixture.

Walsall are battling against relegation and come to the Valley in fine form. It won't be easy. They've lost only once in their last 12 games to put themselves 4 points above the relegation zone. In Emmanuel Ledesma they possess a real goal scoring threat from midfield. The talented Argentinian bagged a brace yesterday against Chesterfield.

 I don't believe that the recent display of red cards will hurt us that much. If anything it will help force Sir Chris's hand in making the changes that he's been reluctant to make on occasion. 

Hopefully Green will be fit enough to come in and play on the right, a change I'd have made anyway. Hollands should have been rested yesterday in my view and now of course will miss the next three matches. If Skip is fit to return then he can play in central midfield alongside Hughes or Pritchard. 

I'm N'Guessan ( ho ! ho ! ) that BWP will return in place of Dany up front. I say that only because that's what I believe Sir Chris will do. If so, let's hope that Bradley is truly up for it. He always carries a goal threat but on occasion doesn't work hard enough for me. 

It would be good if Haynes is fit to return to the bench as I like the look of him and his pace will always be a threat. 

A win tomorrow would really make it a happy Easter. Let's hope the lads can deliver that before we see out the season with the remaining games mercifully being on Saturdays.

One final wish for tomorrow..........please can the powers that be find us 3 competent officials, surely there must be some.

Come On You Reds !


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