Tuesday 26 July 2011

Change Management

We won't need to worry about the relapse bit......will we ?

Early this morning the janitor made his way down to the bowels of ANEM towers, brushed aside some cobwebs, kicked a few rats and forcefully opened the door to room 101. There it was, the old PC ( not Dixon of Dock Green kids ) but the DELL. Gingerly, I fired it up........oh err ! Hey presto and we're off and running again......well blogging again anyway.

Glancing at a tear-stained copy of the last programme I note that there have been a few changes in personnel since then. Certainly the arrivals lounge has been busy but then again the departures lounge hasn't been a lonely place either. I wasn't sad to see McCormack go and he's probably one of the reasons behind Mick McCarthy's thinking in getting someone in to chat to his players about the perils of Twitter.

I'm not really disheartened or saddened by any of those that have left save for Semedo and Stewart but one never expected them to stay. I'd like to see Benson and Francis go too plus Wagstaff who never does it for me and may command a decent fee.

We were led to believe that there really wasn't much money to spend on new players, however, it seems that was a bit of kidology and further to that there has been significant investment in staff other than the playing variety. All good news and by and large pretty sound acquisitions I'd say.

We still need a couple more players and I hope that Euell will be one of them.....he would be good for us at this level.

I'm so excited by the prospect of this new season and will be there for tonight's game against the Dutch. I'll need to keep referring to the programme, assuming there is one, as I'm strugling to keep up with the new players. 

It seems from what I read that we are looking to " do a Brighton " to paraphrase the great Curbs ! They proved you can play decent football in this division and get promoted..........let's pray that we can do the same.

The baord have gien Powell his head and he will have to deliver and I'm sure he's aware of that. I guess that we'll hear and read a lot about the team needing time to gel.........hmm that's been the club's catchphrase for the last 3 or 4 seasons now it seems. They need to do it quickly.

I hope that renewed optimism results in a good attendance tonight and more importantly has a knock-on effect in season ticket sales.

As I said, well wrote anyway, I'm pretty excited by the prospect of the new season starting with toinght's game. Prior to that I'm visiting some old haunts....my parents grave not least amongst them ( not an intentional gag but I'm leaving it in anyway ). I'll go to my old schools in Bexleyheath and Erith, my childhood home and probably visit my mates's parents who never seem to get any older although I suspect they are. 

Living as I do in Milton Keynes I don't often get to do this as it's an early start for match days at the Valley especially when travelling by train. Having just started the 6 week school holidays allows me to do so today. I can visit the greengrocers where legend has it Keith Peacock or Billy Bonds used to live above or something. Happy days !

Can Sir Chris do the business this season ? I sure hope so because I really want him to succeed. It's all down to how he oversees the change management or there'll be a change in management. I'm really up for this and it should be good fun ! 


  1. A new Addick has just moved to Milton Keynes from Canberra...You can reach him via www.addicksdownunder.freeforums.org if you want to catch up with him......His name is Richard Mallion...nice read...all the best

  2. Have tried registering Tel but without success. It will be my fault as I'm hopeless with this new IT stuff.......personally I don't think it'll catch on. I'll try again later and see if I can sort it. Cheers Phil.

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