Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy New Era !

                                  " Buying Charlton is like making love to a beautiful woman...... "

A Happy New Year to everyone.  I had a quiet night last night and my first one sans alcohol in many a year.

Well all is now clear following the news of the takeover...............or is it ? We know that Tony Jimenez is involved and Michael Slater too and he spoke well yesterday in saying all the right things although actions, as ever, will speak louder than words. However, his reference to " the owners  or new owners " raises concerns. Consensus is that they are either Swiss or Middle Eastern, either way their anonymity is not good. I take comfort from the fact that Peter Varney, Kavanagh and Richard Murray are involved as I'm sure they'll not wish to jeopardise the club's future in any way.

I'm sure that now the takeover is complete is a blessed relief for Murray. His 20 or so years mostly heading up the club has seen many changes. I'd say it's been very successful for the most part and the club has progressed enormously since he took over from Roger Alwen and we are fortunate that a man such as himself with his vision and drive did so at that time.

He worked tirelessly to secure investment from many organisations and business people. Certainly early on he made some sound decisions. Appointing Curbs as sole manager was a difficult and potentially unpopular decision but clearly he was right.

He has never sought any publicity as chairman even in the Premier days. You rarely saw him on tv or heard him on the radio. If you asked fans of other clubs who our chairman was they didn't know. Contrast that with some others like Gartside or Gibson and you'd hear from them every week.......why ? I don't care what they've got to say. Gibson of course was always hailed as the great chairman........really ? Didn't he appoint Bryan Robson ? I rest my case !

No one could have worked harder than Murray and although in recent years things haven't gone according to plan he has always had the club's best interests at heart. Some may chose to focus on the last couple of years but without him I doubt we'd have seen top flight football at the Valley and witness it become the stadium it now is.

The new owners will do well to match his achievements.

Today we are away to Colchester at the Old Folks Community Home or some such. Another tough but winable game. Sadly we're very short on striking options at the moment which isn't good at a time when Benson is shocking. I can just about overlook his inability to hold up the ball, stay on his feet or play others in if he's going to get into good positions. However, when he does so he has to score............the miss against Brighton was truly awful in a game where by all accounts he had a shocker.

Let's hope we can get that win today to keep us on track and that we can add some players during the window.

Come On You Reds !

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