Monday, 7 March 2016

We Won A Game !

Callum at the double !

A win at last on Saturday. Unlike the starting eleven it wasn’t a total surprise as the performances, if not results, have improved recently. 

Good to see Harriott get a couple. As always the question remains as to whether he can now string together two or three good games. His lack of consistency is his Achilles heel as there’s no doubting his ability when he’s on song. 

A shame that Big Mak didn’t add a third as he was unlucky to see his superb late effort come back off the bar. 

Hopefully there is some momentum now for the Addics although we’re are still very much relegated for me as I just can’t see us getting the wins we need. Make no mistake we do need wins for the great escape to happen, draws won’t be enough. 

MK Dons also managed to win on Saturday against a Rangers side who lacked interest I understand. Plenty of work JFH to do. That’ll be tough as a great work ethic isn’t something I associate with him following his time with us. 

I believe that Revell was cream crackered at the end of the game and may be rested for Tuesday. As Emmanuel-Thomas was ineligible on Saturday he will probably come into the Dons team. 

Anyone who witnessed the game in MK won’t need any reminding of how awful it was. Two poor sides that went through the motions ( an apt word I think ! ). It was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen and ranks amongst one of the poorest Charlton displays I’ve ever had the mispleasure to see. As I’ve been watching Charlton for over 50 years you’ll get an idea of how bad it was ! 

It made me think twice about going tomorrow but I've decided to risk it once more !

I guess there’s little prospect of our injured players returning and one hopes that Diarra is fit. 

I’m unaware as to why Henderson wasn’t involved on Saturday but Pope did very well in his stead. Pope appears to be very much a confidence player similar to Jeff Wood. Let’s hope he stays in a confident mood. 

Can Charlton come up with back to back wins ahead of the Sunday Boro clash ? Let’s hope so. Simon Church is on loan at Aberdeen so we won’t be facing him……sadly ! 

Come On You Reds !


  1. Ere are n in case you aint eard, Rigan said Endo ad a dead leg from trainin n e didn't want to take any risks.

    Still Pope did well n made some good saves. Iss a good win for ourn thanks to Arriott n less ope they carry on defeatin the exenophobes n negative bullyin boo boys n their ilk who want ourn to lose week in week ahrt.

  2. That has to be the funniest comment of the season: a2c correcting his own nonsense.

  3. Why did a2c bother correcting the one typo when the rest of his output is one long spelling/grammar error?
    It must have been the Freudian slip he was ashamed of- no doubt he gets most of his ideas from listening to Jack Regan in The Sweeney.

  4. But the simple slip of the mask isn't the Riga it's the 'I mean'
    Surely 'ahr meeeèeeeen' would've been the correct introduction 😆

  5. BA, Marco, couldn't make it up although a2c can ! Aside from the accusation of any fan wanting us to lose being wide of the mark I don't think staying up or relegation makes any difference to Roly. He doesn't care because he's " never dahn our gaff ! "

  6. Either that, best ignored or we can just laugh at the silliness of it Dave.

  7. Oh Fack Orff a2c you borin cant.