Friday, 4 March 2016

Emperor Roly !

The Valley can be seen in the distance.

For a change I thought I might focus on matters on the pitch not that that will in itself see my mood on an upward swing. However, there’s little more to say on our owner and the way he is destroying our club against a backdrop of doing nothing positive or snesible with little to no communication - SLP and scripted video interviews aside.  

Duchatelet really is a latterday Nero who has fiddled whilst Rome burns ! 

Enough of that ! The lads are away at Brentford tomorrow and that is always one of the better fixtures given the pubs in each corner. I understand from reading Ketts piece that one of the pubs has sadly shut. With the move away from r Park looming large on the horizon one wonders how much longer the other 3 will survive. 

I recall my first visit to Griffin Park was back in 1980 I believe when I drove over with my brother. We nearly got killed as we cut across a line of traffic close to the ground. In those days you were keen to see the game !

I seem to recall that we won ( 1-0 I think ? ). I do remember my brother being rather  rude to Lawrie Madden and that caused him to stop mid-match with the ball at his feet as he sought to find who had been unpleasant to him.  

My brother wasn’t Lawrie’s greatest fan and a few years later I did what any right minded person would do when I was an early subscriber to the book Home and Away – Charlton Athletic as I’d bought him a copy for Christmas.  

Subscribers had their names printed at the back of the book and next to it was the name of their favourite player. You’ll never guess who I put down for my brother ! Strangely he didn’t find it at all funny………. I did ! 

One assumes that after last week’s defensive shocker that changes must be made. I’d suggest that the solution is pretty simple. A fit again Cousins ought to come straight back into midfield with Diarra going to defence to add the experience, quality and organisation that was missing last Saturday. Johnson makes way.

The rest of the starting probably just about deserve to retain their places if only for that second half performance. Looking back we did play some decent football going forwards at times and Riga will be hoping the lads can repeat that part of their game at least. 

I felt we’d gone long ago but naturally Jose will tell the players there is still hope and so he should of course whilst survival remains mathematically possible at least. Failure to win one of the next two games will all but confirm the drop. 

Playing at home hasn’t been any advantage this season so one hopes that away tomorrow may help the team. Here’s hoping ! 

Come On You Reds !


  1. Yeah but did yourn say the same abahrt Murray n Varney when ourn went dahn to L 1 lass time n ow long ad theirn been runnin our gaff, our current owners juss two years.

    STs are £175 in NL so iss worth renewin now at them prices.

    Ere I agree on the playin changes but I wonder whether e'll pick Lookman cos e didn't play against Readin n was on the bench but Sanogo as to play as does Cousins n Diarra I don't think Vetokele is fit yet but e's doin loss of trainin dahn our gaff.


  2. Thass right a2c, I reckon RD is moor julius Caesar than Nero and a revolutionary that I ope stays dahn our gaff 4 a lot longer. Wen clubs like Bolton hav gon outta business and we're still goin dem negative boo boys and there ilk will be fankful we gotta amazin owner dahn our gaff.

  3. Sorry a2c but that language wot u wrote... is it Walloon? I am effluent in most Euro languages, but have never spoken that, and have no idea what you mean. Give it up and write properly. We all know you can, and are using crap East end as a smokescreen

  4. Appy you started talkin ta yerself a2c cuz I wudd'n wont ya to get lonely dahn our gaff when we're playin sundy league.

  5. indeed come on you Reds - I fear though a defeat

  6. I don't sit in the NL so that's of no use to me. Some folk in the East Stand will have increases of over 16% even if they're happy to move. Those that want to retain their seats will have a price increase of £125. Some prices have been frozen but we will be watching League One football and in these days of such low inflation a price cut across the board should have happened. No mention of match days prices I note.