Sunday, 14 January 2018

Holmes And Away

Holmes wasn't playing away but the Addicks managed to secure a second 1-0 win and their first away in the league since October.

Rather like the previous Saturday it would appear that it wasn't a great performance but it's better than losing I suppose especially given the circumstances of the last week alone.

The upcoming games are all very winnable if we're are playing anywhere our best. However, as we've seen in the last two fixtures nothing is easy in this league.

The manager probably deserves some credit for this win but he can spare me the " woe is me " tone of recent interviews.

I accept all the injuries and Roly not backing him at all in this transfer window. However, Robinson and the players need to get on with the hand they've been dealt.

All of us in our less well rewarded jobs have to deal with difficulties and set backs on an almost daily basis. The school where I work suffered a couple of devastating blows last year both within a few weeks of each other. However, we had to get on with things.

You'd think our brave boys had been to war in the last few days with the manner of reporting of some events.

Yes, I know it doesn't help when Roly has inflicted untold damage on our club over the last 4 years and even more of late but please, get on with the job in hand.

I'm not sure why Robinson opted to only have 5 subs on the bench. That included Solly and JFC who were both not really fit to play. It was great that they wanted to be there but why not include some of our U23's. Surely they're better than nothing.

What if Phillips was injured ? Are we seriously to believe that Robinson wouldn't have a young keeper on the bench ?

It's with things like that Robinson lets himself down in my opinion.

As a footnote to all of the above I now read that Robinson says he wanted Carruthers in return for Holmes. Now I am really confused as I'm sure that the manager said a couple of days ago that Ricky only just told him that he'd had an offer from Sheff Utd with the inference that he ( Robinson ) was unaware of it.

However, it was at least a week ago that Robinson went public on wanting Carruthers. All that gives credence to my view that Robinson wanted Carruthers and that Holmes going the other way was originally part of the deal. It was only when Roly said he wanted cash only that that particular deal blew up.

My last word on Holmes is that he has been an excellent servant to the club in his short time with us. He's not been of his best of late and I've been quite critical of him for that. However, be in no doubt that he is a very good player at this level and one who at his age deserves a shot at the Championship and maybe more. You really can't blame him for grabbing this opportunity and he leaves us with some pretty good memories of his time in a Charlton shirt.

As with all things in S.E.7 it's all a bit of a mess. The sooner this takeover goes through and decisions are made ( whichever way ) on the management side both on and off the pitch the better.

In case you were wondering the pics at the top of this piece are " Holmes under the ( MC ) Hammer ".....hilarious eh ?

Have a good week let's hope it brings some positive news.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Elementary My Dear Watson !

Things are a bit of a mess down in S.E. 7. " No s**t Sherlock " I hear you cry !

Funnily enough it's another Mr Holmes that is causing a bit of a stir. Ricky has gone from fans favourite to public enemy number one in one fell swoop !

Is he guilty of leaving a sinking ship or was he backed into a corner with little option. To be honest none of us really knows and only Ricky, his agent and possibly Robinson know the truth.

I would comment that Robinson made clear his desire to sign Carruthers from the Blades. I can't believe that Wilder would not have been after Holmes as part of the deal. Therefore, having made this public if he didn't think it before then Holmes must have been thinking he'd been involved.

It's little wonder then that Ricky's head is turned. Perhaps it's been known for some time, who knows ?

Robinson does seem keen to create MK Dons mark 2 in his attempts to re-assemble the very same players who let him down previously. Quite why you'd want to do that I don't know !

Whatever you can understand Holmes wanting to grab a last opportunity if the interest from Sheffield United is genuine. He may, of course have become exasperated with Robinson and / or the ongoing takeover mess.

Richard Cawley states that there are other disaffected players. It would be strange if this were all down to a protracted takeover and apparent lack of investment. I'd love to know who these other players are and perhaps we'll find out in the fullness of time.

I guess that no one could blame the manager for holding out for a pay out if he gets the boot. I just don't think we need all the rhetoric surrounding it in wanting the best for the club, the fans etc. If he is genuine just get on with the job.

Following the exit from the Checkatrade we return to league action on Saturday against another poor team in Bury. 6 losses on the spin apparently. We really ought to beat them but our recent one win in 9 or 10 games and an unsettled background whether we can get the 3 points is anyone's guess.

To be honest I think even 6th place is beyond us and unless a new owner and manager come in I don't expect that to change. Soon I think we can write off this season as one in which we have just been treading water at best.

In the meantime, 3 points on Saturday would at least keep the embers burning but only just.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Labouring To Victory

Charlton transfer target Samir Carruthers seen here enjoying a  day at the races !

Finally, a win but how awful was that ! There has been some dire football at The Valley this season but that really takes the biscuit !

Forget all the injuries and talk of not bringing anyone in, that we struggled so badly to beat a really poor team in Oldham speaks volumes.

How the Latics would love most of our players. They were best summed up as “ an honest team “ by someone I spoke to at half time. Indeed they were and let’s be honest at the end they deserved something from the game.

I particularly felt for their No.10 who seemingly won every header and played really well. Rather like the Gills No.9 it’d be great to have him in our team. I do wonder if Magennis ever studies what these players do.

That Robinson couldn’t organise our team to do better than this tells you all you need to know about his ability as manager. Yet again he watched and did nothing as Oldham camped in our half during the second period.

How on earth did Marshall stay on ? He was truly awful. How did he keep his place in the side anyway ? Robinson later described him as hard working ! I’d say runs around a bit to no great effect !

Marshall is like another Robinson recruit in Reeves who has also done diddly squat to date. On this evidence perhaps it’s just as well if the manager isn’t allowed to recruit more players !

Again KAG didn’t start and that’s a mystery. Kashi was so deep he almost behind Amos at times. It was so painful to watch at times as Kashi just slowed down the play even more and his passing over a distance of more than @ 10 metres was woeful.

We just sat back in the second half and invited pressure. Robinson acknowledged it after the game ( who told him I wonder !! ) but yet did nothing about it ! Why didn’t he pass on a message or get someone on ( Jackson maybe ) to get them to do things differently.

We were so lucky to get the 3 points we really were.

As for Robinson moaning, well, give me strength. He knew full well what he was getting into coming to us and up to now has been gushing in his praise of the owner and CEO. Crying to the fans now doesn’t cut it I’m afraid.

Chris Powell had to suffer much worse yet he just got on with it. You didn’t see him moaning in public. The manager is well rewarded and if he doesn’t like it he can always walk. He won’t of course because he won’t want to lose out financially and he knows he’ll not get a better job than this.

Surely none of us expected that Roly would be putting his hand in his pocket now ? He didn’t in the past when he had a scintilla of interest in the club so it’s not going to happen now is it ?

It was quite revealing that Robinson referenced his interest in Carruthers. The general feeling is that he would only be coming to us if long term Sheffield United target Holmes was going the other way. A great way to unsettle Holmes who isn’t playing anywhere near his best anyway.

Aside from all that we don’t need Carruthers although at least he won’t be able to distract the lads by taking them off to the races eh !

The remaining January games all look relatively easy but given the way we're playing at present then it’s hard to see us getting much from them. If we are to do so then it’ll take a massive turn around.

In the meantime, tomorrow night we face Oxford in the Check-a-Trade trophy. Realistically this represents our best chance of any success this season. On that basis we might as well put out our strongest available side. 

Quite what Robinson will do remains anyone's guess as always. If have little faith in him managing to sensibly direct the game to a win whatever he team he selects. 

In the meantime we can only sit back and hope this takeover is concluded soon. However, the more January disappears the less likely it is that anything will happen before the summer. A far from ideal scenario.

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Lesson Learned ?

Karl Robinson seems to quite like saloons indeed he met a few fans in one I recall when he first started. However, one suspects he draws the line at the last chance variety where he really ought to be imbibing now.

Defeat on Saturday at home to Oldham would surely be a point of no return. Some will question who we’d get in to replace or who could do better ( plenty would be my reply to that one ! ) but not changing anything and carrying on regardless really isn’t an option.

Injuries have played a part in our recent awful run but they alone are not the only reason. In any case there must be some reason for us suffering so many injuries. Clearly some players being rushed back too soon is a part of that. For that alone one must look to the manager for being culpable.

I referred in my last piece to our much heralded pre-season and how hard the players were working to get fit. All of that has counted for nothing as I can’t see any benefit mid-way through the season, in fact, exactly the opposite.

Robinson’s continued adherence to his one way of playing certainly hasn’t helped matters nor his ability to manage games as they unfold.

Now, to no one’s surprise save perhaps for Robinson himself we may not have any more money to fund transfers or loans in this window. He’ll have to make the best of what he’s got which doesn’t bode well because he hasn’t been good at that of late.

Fans of Robinson will use the news that there's little to no money for transfers as further excuse on his behalf. I'm not sure he really has 6 lined up with 4 that would walk into the club tomorrow under different circumstances. 

I will acknowledge that it can't help of course. However, if he's going to stay he needs to be as positive as he can and make the most of the situation. I couldn't believe he even referenced KAG not going out on loan if he doesn't get others in.

KAG has done enough to be here anyway but if Robinson's alleged targets don't arrive he's going to need KAG and there's not much chance of him feeling all that wanted with talk like that !

However, the delayed takeover is probably working in Robinson's favour. Roly has no need or inclination I guess to take any action not unless another relegation seems likely to impact the asking price should it all drag on even more.

There's an excellent piece on that subject by Albury Addick at

As he suggests if the takeover isn't completed before the end of January then it might not happen until the summer. Great !

In the meantime surely even Robinson can't fail to put together a team to overcome Oldham on Saturday. Should we fail to do so then we'll be going through the motions for the rest of this season which will condemn it to be as miserable as the last two or three.

Come On You Reds !

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

It's A Funny Old Game........

" not if you're a Charlton fan, Jim ! "

New year but same old Charlton as the Addicks moved seamlessly into 2018 with apparently nothing learned from the previous winless games where we lacked a cutting edge.

The first half yesterday was truly dreadful as the team showed no desire whatsoever and appeared clueless in a totally disjointed and ponderous display.

Marshall looked totally lost and devoid of any confidence or indeed ability to trap or control a football – basic skills for which he is handsomely rewarded.

Holmes poor form continued as he showed no inclination to run at defenders nor have the ability to put in a decent cross or deliver a corner past the first man.

Reeves was truly awful and would have been subbed in an Under 11’s game for losing possession too easily alone.

Passes went astray and there was a total lack of communication.

The defence was all at sea. How Robinson could watch all that went on and do nothing until half time beggars belief. Clearly Aribo at the very least needed to come on after about 20 minutes.

Why young Joe was dropped from the starting eleven in the first place is a mystery. As was the absence of KAG who showed a greater desire to get the ball forward and drive at the defence.

Blame injuries all you want but Robinson’s inability to select the right team or manager the game is costing us. Clearly we have better players than Gillingham and no doubt on more money too but they were better organised and had a greater desire to win.

Their players showed that pride in the shirt that our manager talks about so often like not leaving anything on the pitch. Sadly that’s all it is from Robinson – hyperbole !

Game after game we’re witnessing very average Third Tier teams with smaller squads and budgets to match take points of us. The manager never learns and we go through the same slow build up play that either fizzles out or the chance is missed.

Week after week any reasonably competent manager organises their team and gives it the best chance to get something from the game. Allegedly Robinson went to watch The Gills on Saturday, looks like he’d have been better off going shopping in the sales for a new tank top !

On the flip side we learn that Lovell watched us and soon sussed out how to get in behind us. That was evident in the opening few minutes. That's the problem Robinson it's all so predictable with tactics that almost come off the back of cereal packet !

How can it be that our players repeatedly miss chance after chance ? It can’t be coincidence as neither can the ridiculously high level of injuries. Something must be rotten in the State of Greenwich !!

Wasn’t our tough pre-season meant to leave us with the fittest team in the league ? If it did that has all evaporated. The only player who escapes injury is Magennis which is incredible given that he’s never dropped or subbed.

Robinson debates the finer points of the game post match ! Do you want some ?

There are rumours of the manager offering out one or two fans who dared to suggest that he might adopt a different approach to games. Great ! How dignified if so !

The Gills no.9 ( Eaves ) looked world class compared to Josh yesterday. He gave a masterclass in how to operate in that role.

The second half was better but by then the damage was done and the Gills weren’t as naive as Peterborough to concede two goals late on. I don’t think we have more than about 20 to 30 minutes of decent play in a game all season.

How much longer Robinson has is anyone’s guess. Partly it will depend on whether he ever sits down and looks at what he’s doing and thinks “ you know what I ought to change things “. My guess is he won’t as there’s no evidence of that to date.

Automatic promotion has gone and it appears there’s only the 6th play off spot left as a possibility now. In any case that would seem a futile exercise under Robinson as you can’t see us beating almost any team over two legs leaving aside the Manager’s appalling record in them.

Any kind of repetition against Oldham on Saturday and it’s hard not to foresee a vocal backlash directed at the manager. Bluster and faux passion can only carry you so far. Should we win please spare us the group huddle and associated lap of honour as though we’ve won the league.

I think Robinson now needs to go as everything I feared he would be has been played out. Nothing changes and I simply don’t see any evidence to suggest an upturn in fortunes is on the cards no matter who we get back from injury.

At a time when we should be very optimistic the short term outlook is very grey indeed. Defeat again this Saturday doesn't bear thinking about. We could soon be facing a relegation about that.

Given all the goings on lately and seeing ineptitude rewarded it'd be no surprise to see Robinson sacked only to resurface in March as El Supremo at the Camp Nou !

It's a funny old game, Saint !

Sunday, 31 December 2017

Happy New Year !

It's got to be a good one hasn't it ?

Following the departure of our CEO and the stories that a takeover from Roly is imminent then Addicks everywhere can start to look towards this new year with greater optimism than for some time.

A lot to happen before then of course but we're getting there. A huge amount of damage to be repaired and it will take a long time but we've bounced back from worse before.

A much needed point was gained at Wigan on Friday. A backs to the wall job as Robinson appreciated than any other approach wasn't going to get a result of any kind.

I can't join one or two in praising the manager for any great degree of tactical insight or even a long awaited Plan B. This was just a manager being pragmatic at best in recognising a poor run of performances and a lack of bodies.

Accusations of parking the bus from Latics fans and I'm sure they're right. We're quick to condemn other teams when they do it so have to accept the flak that goes with it.

That's not to ignore the tremendous effort of the players involved. They had to dig deep to earn that point and it's a point that will count for nought though if we don't now go and win against the Gills and also Oldham on Saturday. Time for the manager to earn his corn. Time for the players to do what they were recruited to do - play some decent football and score some goals.

I don't think I'm asking too much in that after all Robinson likes his reputation whether it's right or wrong for the expansive game. The problem is that expansive seems to be a euphemism for a method of play that involves a lot of possession with little cutting edge or return in the goals for column!

If Robinson has serious aspirations about staying at our club then he needs to start winning games now. Following a tough December a very much easier January looms ahead and a decent haul of points is the minimum expectation. He could hardly ask for a better set of fixtures to do so.

The manager needs to get this transfer window right which is a big ask as it doesn't usually provide any gems. If he is supported then there is a possibility a couple of decent recruits giving some impetus.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read my nonsense this year and if you have commented too. Whilst there's been no shortage of things to write about given the depressing decline of the club it's been hard to be positive and to motivate oneself on occasion. Hopefully that will change with new ownership.

If the manager can improve things ( and stop talking so much ) may be I can be positive about him too !

Thank you to Ketts at Doctor Kish for his support, encouragement and snippets of news allied to good company at matches.

I wish you all and your families a happy new year. Let's hope it sees a significant move forward for our club - the thing that unites us all. Hopefully we can again be as proud as we ought to be of our great  and unique club. 

Come On You Reds ! 

Friday, 29 December 2017

The Beginning Of The End ?

Addicks in sombre mood after learning that the CEO is leaving the club.

Some rare good news yesterday as it was confirmed that Katrien Meire is leaving the club. Never mind the seemingly endless appointment of inept managers Katrien's employ as the cloob's CEO is the one that really typifies Roly's inability to make the right decision when it comes to running a football club.

There's little point in going over her many errors and awful decisions. In conjunction with Roland she has inflicted a great deal of damage on our club. We have to hope it's not irreparable. It's a long way back but her departure is at least a start.

Reports that Meire is lined to join another football club is simply staggering. I'm sure we can all think of one or two where she'd be a perfect fit. However, it's no longer our concern.

Of course I'm sure we would all like to express our sympathy to a2c. He'll be at a loose end without his heroine. If those reports are true then a2c can follow her to wherever she now ends up.

Aside from having little to no understanding of how to run a football club or oversee senior management Miss Meire simply didn't get that fans general mistrust of her arose directly from her incompetence. That bottom line is that she simply wasn't fit for the role. Misogyny and racism were lazy accusations that came from her apologists.

Having managed to make one decent appointment in Mel Baroni it was Mel's resignation only a few days into the role that spoke volumes about Katrien and the regime. It was something, like many other issues, that she failed to learn from.    

Hopefully the formal sale and takeover of our club by a decent owner is just around the corner. It is only once that has been achieved that we can truly start to celebrate.

In the meantime, the players travel to Wigan as they face their hardest task to date. Robinson's response to defeat at Southend was inappropriate I felt. Aside from the fact that he should accept some of the blame, dragging the players in at 7am the next day was never a good idea.

The manager gave himself little time to plan any response and it was a knee-jerk reaction. The players needed a telling off ( words chosen carefully note !! ) but Robinson needed to do something different but he hasn't allowed himself the chance to do so. 

Mind you there's little evidence to date that Robinson has an alternative approach to anything. Whether any new owners would retain his services remains to be seen.

The naming of only 6 subs at Southend was rather silly and also damning other players at the club. He has previous in this regard as he did the same at MK.

Robinson's argument appears to be that anyone he could have selected would add nothing and not be up to the task. If that's the case then why has he repeatedly put Dodoo on the bench when it's quite clear he's not going to get on ? Again it's another question that I'd love someone to ask.

The chance of us getting anything from tonight's game is highly unlikely but football's a funny game and Charlton aren't an ordinary club so you never know !

Come On You Reds !