Thursday, 17 March 2016

Another One Bites The Dust !

Lonely ! So Lonely !

There you have it ! Mel Baroni is now gone following hot on the heels of John Little.

Staff form all areas of the club are leaving the sinking ship but one rat is staying ! Only Roly and Katrien will be left soon even then it'll probably only be Katrien because as we know Roly doesn't do S.E.7 more than once a year on a cold Tuesday in February.

There can't be much doubt that Mel's departure is as a result of the ridiculous statement that appeared on Tuesday. You can't blame her for resigning as any credible person wouldn't want to be associated with that.

Remember though Roly does things his way and he doesn't do failure. Hmmm....may have to have a rethink on that. The man is increasingly becoming exposed for what he is in his desperation to defend and retain Katrien.

Her appointment and subsequent ongoing employment at CAFC is probably his biggest single mistake aside from purchasing the club in the first place.

Roly is a man who prefers to appoint people he has a relationship with and knows personally......sadly all the people he knows are s***e !

Not been a good week for him has it ? All the bad press from Sunday and now he has lost two experienced and professional people. Clearly he is listening to no one, no matter how wise their advice or great their experience.

My Oscar Wilde quote of a few weeks ago seems ever more appropriate...." with age comes wisdom but sometimes age comes alone " !

The team travel to Sheffield against this background but at least on the pitch they may have gained some momentum. I'd be surprised if they win given our dearth of forwards at least. Whilst Lookman and Harriott did well on Sunday I can't see that working too often given their lack of height and real physical presence. Sadly an out of form and confidence Big Mak is the only real alternative at the moment.

Let's hope they can get some sort of a result.

Come On You Reds !  


  1. Loss of people resign jobs after a week so wass the problem, oh n wot you forgot to mention is John is stayin dahn our gaff til the end of the season so iss ardly a major event on ere n avin spoken to im I know e aint a fan of exenophobes either.

    Iss great to ave a woman leadin our club forward n a real blow for the sexists on ere n dahn our gaff I agree. Katrien always get my full support n is doin a great job, we're lucky to ave er.

    1. a2c= WUM
      Totally agree. Katrien is doing a wonderful job in terms of performances on the pitch, financial performance and club reputation.

  2. Please stand for Mayor a2c.

  3. It looks like a2c also wrote the statement that appeared on the club website the other day - it makes about as much sense as his comments on this forum!
    At least RD and KM have one friend at the Valley.... sorry, I mean dahn our gaff.

  4. I know of very few people that leave their jobs after a week and even less that leave high profile roles after just 46 days. a2c claims to have the ear of John Little....I doubt it. Everything else I've read suggests he's leaving because of the owner and is staying till the end of the season because he's professional.
    Time will tell but I'll be flabbergasted if in the fullness of time they both don't confirm my suspicions that both have left because of the owner. Only in the deluded world that a2c exists in could you think otherwise.

  5. Maybe a2C is a ready made replacement for Mel?

    Put your application in next time you pass our gaff a2c. I reckon it's probably worth you majoring on your anti "exenophobic" stance in the covering letter.

  6. "Roly is a man who prefers to appoint people he has a relationship with and knows personally......sadly all the people he knows are s***e !"

    quote of the century

  7. John Little is a man of integrity and I'm not surprised he's decided to leave....The Club needs to be VERY VERY careful that other experienced, knowledgeable and loyal employees follow suit !!!

  8. Of course I meant 'don't' follow suit and leave.

  9. I know this is petty and falling into the trap of our resident Wind Up Merchant.
    However, for someone who uses 'xenophobe' in nearly every comment he writes on every blog, you'd think by now he'd have worked out how to spell it?
    Having said that, why bother checking one word when 99% of his output is ill thought out gibberish anyway?

    Much like RD's statement.

  10. It's just dawned on me.
    Exenatide is a drug used in the treatment of diabetes.
    Perhaps a2c is raving against those people who have a fear or prejudice against that particular drug?

  11. Marco, yes that must be the only prejudice we haven't been accused of ! a2c must be influenced something dodgy !