Tuesday, 1 March 2016

2016-17 Season Tickets

These are easier to shift than CAFC season tickets !

There can’t be a much tougher job at The Valley at present than that of whoever has the job of promoting and selling the 2016-17 season tickets. It makes Mel Baroni’s role look easy ! 

They say that the hardest part of selling is not to take rejection personally. Given the season we’ve have and against the backdrop of many fans boycotting the season tickets that’s a tough ask. 

They will need to make them very competitive. I’d expect a fair reduction with the drop to League One. The club could do worse than follow the example of Huddersfield Town. Check the link below :-

Adults tickets anywhere for £179. Great value especially when one considers they’re virtually guaranteed Championship football next season. A sensible move by their owner, Dean Hoyle. Ironically, he owns the Card Factory. 

Good to see that he has decided to put the extra TV revenue to good use.  

I believe that the £150 tickets in the East Stand will probably be relocated to behind the goal. I’d personally hope they’d be reduced but don’t anticipate that. 

Whatever happens and boycott aside then the income from ticket sales will fall significantly. I expect most fans are like me and have mates who support the odd Championship side and often invite them along or accompany them to the game. 

The same can’t be said of the majority of League One sides ( I do know a few Cobblers fans but that's about it ). 

Personally, I expect to renew. I’m aware of all the arguments of course and as unhappy with this regime as anyone else. However, I’d expect to attend most home games and I’d be out of pocket by not getting one and would ultimately be putting more money into Roly’s. 

In addition, the hassle of sorting tickets doesn’t appeal especially living a fair distance away from S.E.7. 

Please spare a thought for me as I may end up “ dahn our gaff “ sitting in a sparsely populated East Stand that contains just me and a2c !  

Just when you though it couldn’t get worse !


  1. Phil, that last scenario would be my worst nightmaire....

  2. Phil - the thing is though Phil, will you support the boycott by delaying your decision until we have seem some signs of progress from RD and KM? Delay at least until July? If enough people who will renew no matter what, support the line of the boycott they will have to honour early bird pricing and we will create more leverage. The difference isn't usually significant anyway.

  3. Well I'm glad your goin ahead n renewin your ticket Phil, least you aint bein sucked in by the exenophobes n their atred campaigns. I aint been in ES meself, it will make a change from NL but see you there next season dahn our gaff. I reckon ourn will win more games withahrt the boo boys n their ilk.

  4. Phil, with you and a2c sitting in close proximity you'd better lahrn a new version of VFR...

    Dahn our gaff in Floyd Road, th'fog cummin in orf that river wosisname,
    my desair is always fahnd dahn our gaff in Floyd Road.
    Many mils 'ave oi bin, many exenophobes 'ave oi sin,
    following Meire my fave CEO,
    Many ahrs ave I spent in th' covred end choir singin
    Dahn our gaff in Floyd Road, my only desair.

    The Valley may never seem the same again....
    On a serious note about your post I echo Dave's thoughts - I fully understand the economic reasons for you continuing to buy a season ticket but please leave the purchase to the absolute last minute so that you don't put any more money into RD's greasy paws any sooner than you really have to.
    I fear for the sanity (well, with one well-known exception!) of anyone watching games next season - I really do see more of the same unless RD changes direction... if he hasn't done so by now I can't see him doing so next season. He clearly, for some very weird reason, wants to run the club down - perhaps it really is to do with property redevelopment.... it's certainly not to improve the prospects of Charlton Athletic football clubon the pitch.

  5. Dave, good point and probably the most effective thing I can do. Of course it has the added benefit of me knowing where my new bestie is sitting and so I can get an adjoining seat !
    Anon, very good ! A duet ! I can't wait ! Seriously I do wonder about the property development and the rumours about flats in the Jimmy Seed are perhaps just the start.

    1. Yes Phil and many rumours and postings about this. Yes what do we know all the lies and dexeit coming from the club. This club is rotten to the core from the so called top to bottom