Monday, 21 March 2016

Normal Service Has Been Resumed

Aside from putting a few quid on Leicester City to win the Prem this season, the one bet I regret not doing, and it’s a recurring one, is Charlton to lose 3-0. Last season towards the end it was a good one to do for a 3-0 win for us. However, times have changed !
A few punts on the 3 nil reverse this season could have funded a few jolly boys outings to Belgium………imagine !
Following the win over Boro the previous Sunday, Riga again decided to make some unnecessary and inexplicable changes to the team. Not for nothing did I dub him the Stinkerman the other day.
Cousins absence due to injury was unavoidable of course. However, the other changes were as unwelcome as they were pointless, rather like us at full time.
The last player that ought to come into the team is Reza especially when you have Igor, Big Mak and Lookman all available. As I observed before the game we need a physical presence up front in most games and we got away with it against Boro.
Henderson’s mystery injury kept him out but Ba recovered from his own to go to straight back into the team !
Having got away with until half time it was criminal not to get one of the above 3 on the pitch. As poorly as Big Mak has been playing his presence ought to have been enough to give Wednesday something to think about.
Why not unleash Lookman on The Owls ? It appears Riga learned nothing from the MK Dons games despite acknowledging the mistake post match.
Instead it was left to The Owls to make the required changes to win the game and leave Jose looking a complete numpty.
No shot on target until less than 10 minutes to go ! That tells its own story. Hello ! We need to win games. We need to score to do so !
There you go ! We can pretty much officially wave goodbye to the Championship. When we will return is anyone’s guess but it’s unlikely to happen under this ownership unless Roly has a Road to Damascus moment as opposed to his present one that has been heavily influenced by Chris Rea.
Further indication of the needless relegation we are suffering. Even a point would have helped close the gap.
The great fixture cock up means that there’s no Championship football over Easter. A truly ridiculous state of affairs. On the flip side it gives us a 2 week break from this nightmare of a season.
Two whole weeks without agonising over daft team selections and wondering if those selected could actually be ar**d to put in a shift.
Two whole weeks without protest.
Plenty to keep us entertained though as in the absence of any games we keep an eye on the internet ( and perhaps but not always social media too ) for daft statements or news of the latest member of staff to leave the club.
Two whole weeks without having to read or respond to accusations of sexism or xenophobia dahn our gaff !
Friends, Romans, Countrymen, Supporters……..a2c – enjoy the break !

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