Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Stinkerman !

Poor choices are spoiling Jose's second term and tarnishing his reputation.

It wasn’t a total surprise that The Addicks failed to secure a win against equally poor opposition on Tuesday evening. It was however, disappointing that despite seemingly having the resources to secure a win they were deployed in the advantageous fashion. 

Having scored a hat-trick in his previous Valley outing one assumes that Sanogo would have been chomping at the bit to start. Even if Riga harboured fears about his ability to last the full ninety then why not start him and take him off when he tires ? 

Bizarrely having not start on Saturday in a game we won Riga opted to recall Big Mak to the starting eleven. Clearly he doesn’t enjoy playing in S.E. 7 and logically had he used him the other way round it would have made sense. Little surprise then that he went on to have a pretty awful game.  

The manner of his departure from the field of play will have done little to improve his game or raise his confidence at a time when he’s pretty much assured a run of games due to the lack of alternatives because of injury and suspension.

Jose gets credit for seemingly getting the best out of young Callum but this was far from the case against the Dons. He didn’t have a great first half although to be fair he was playing on the right but just after having a good start to the second period he was suddenly take off. Most bizarre and deservedly got a chorus of “ you don’t know what you’re doing “. At a stroke Riga lost a great deal of credibility and rapport with the customers.

Then there was Lookman ! Since he signed his deal it seems we want him sat on the bench wrapped up in cotton wool until July !

The young man found it tough against a physical Bristol City side but it’s not always going to be that way for him. He showed in his 10 minute cameo just what a glaring error it was not to have got him on earlier. No player was having a great game so it wasn’t as though it was a tough call to bring on one of the hottest properties outside the Prem !

Why do we never have managers who are prepared to make changes as soon as it becomes apparent that things aren’t working ? After no more than 30 minutes I’d have got Yaya and Lookman on. Big Mak and pretty much whoever you like could have come off !

Points dropped and we’re now without a valuable striking option until mid-April…..great. I appreciate Yaya shouldn’t have reacted as he did but he can’t have been without provocation something that Karl Robinson won’t admit to of course.

The whinging Scouser’s view that Sanogo should be banned until the end of the season if as laughable as it is hypocritical. I recall one of his former players, Gary McKenzie, who collected red cards on a regular basis.

Under Robinson’s stewardship despite criticising the player he didn’t suspend him for the rest of the season and he had several red cards in his career. Robinson would do well to examine his approach to the Tuesday’s game rather than stirring things.

Clearly the time wasting and numerous cynical fouls his side dished out were intended to frustrate the Addicks. He should have gone for the win. What did his team have to lose ? Not much they would still have been four points ahead of us had they lost. Indeed he had much to gain.

On to Sunday then and a re-arranged game against a nervy Boro team. Their results have nose-dived of late as the pressure to secure promotion mounts. One would like to think we’d take advantage of that but in all honesty it’s unlikely based on our inability to beat a poor Dons team and the baffling use of our players.

Of course we are further weakened by the departure of our assistant coach. To be honest without checking I couldn’t even tell you his name. However, to my mind unless Riga now takes no advice he is complicate in Tuesday’s poor draw.

I can’t believe that another coach……….let’s take Jason Euell for example would have advocated the line up and deployment of subs such as we witnessed.

There’s little doubt that the presence of the cameras will only further fuel any protests and it promises to as uncomfortable afternoon for the regime and those customers watching the game !

I‘m still wondering when it will all end and they sell up and leave. Cue predicatable and silly comments from our resident irritant !

Come On You  Reds !

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  1. Yeah but two wrongs don't make a right n I reckon most are in favour of Sanogo bein banned n all. Still yourn will all be able to chant your exenophobic anti Belgian drivel, throw flares, shout ahrt personal sexist abuse, bully anyone who aint of your ilk all in front of the cameras, bet iss goin to make your day cos the ubris is all yourn live for. The rest of us support the team, players n owners n not the exenophobic whingers n moaners.