Tuesday, 28 February 2017


It must be haddock

February was always going to be a pivotal month and having gained only 3 points from a potential 21 it seems appropriate that on Pancake Day we should demonstrate just what a bunch of tossers we are.

Looking for positives ? Don't even start, there simply aren't any.

The only thing going in a positive direction is the number of red and yellow cards that our boys now collect at an alarming rate.

The by-product of that of course is that suspensions then compound the problems caused by injuries. Astonishingly though when most players get a chance as a result of that they don't take it. However, the manager's failing system and propensity to make too many changes to the starting eleven don't do a lot to help either.

I wasn't a fan of Robinson, didn't want him anywhere near our club and I detested his over the top post-match celebrations which appeared even when we'd only drawn some games.

I'm not alone in my dislike of the man and he is slowly but surely bringing most Addicks round to my view. However, this is not confined to our club. Across League One where he has served most of his time as manager Robinson is not well thought of.

Clearly and not surprisingly AFC don't don't hold him in high regard ( and I'm not excusing what their employee said to him ). Northampton and Peterborough are two other clubs whose fans don't like our manager. He can expect a less than cordial reception on Saturday, assuming that he is still in charge.

Aside from all that baggage there's the relationship he has with referees and indeed, all officials. His constant criticism, justified or otherwise, surely can't help.

Robinson's managerial career is littered with hyperbole and flimsy excuses. Add to that the fact that he seems tactically naive ( but happy to share it with all and sundry before the game ) with only one way of playing means that the man is holed beneath the waterline.

Out of the ten personal battles tonight only our hat-trick man can realistically claim to have won his although it does seem his battle was more 1 to 10 than 1 to 1 !

All the evidence is there that he is little to no better than most of the managers we've have under this regime. Would sacking him do any good ? Maybe. Maybe not. 

In all likelihood we'd get another manager not fit for purpose if only because no self-respecting manager would touch it.

The proposed Belgium protests against Roly could hardly have received better and further justification than the events of the past few weeks. The man doesn't do failure remember yet his inept CEO remains in situ. At almost any other club she would have gone some while ago.

Since he doesn't communicate with fans and has little time for his toy it falls to the aforementioned CEO to relay his plans. At least she would do but there don't appear to be any and Harpo Marx appears verbose compared to the Katrien of recent months.

Our beloved club continues its decline with seemingly nothing to arrest its slide. There is, of course, only one thing that can do that and a number of hardy Charlton fans are travelling to Belgium over the weekend in an attempt to make that happen.

For those of us not going we can only wish them Godspeed and give them our thanks.


  1. "Hes NOT the messiah....hes a very naughty boy !!!!!"

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