Thursday, 2 March 2017

Roly Faces His Waterloo

Robinson spoke at length ( how unusual ) today in the pre-match press conference. Aside from discussing the Haye - Bellew fight he found time to discuss the team he manages.

It now seems that the 40% of Tuesday night is a very fluid bunch and some players may migrate to the 60% and vice versa although to my mind that means it is no longer a 40-60 split. Never mind, Robinson doesn’t like to dwell on the finer points or indeed 3 points.

The manager reckoned that yesterday’s clear the air meeting was great and really productive almost to the point where you expected him to say what a great bunch of players they are. The lads are full of passion, pride and determined to play for the shirt etc.etc.

I think he’s blown his relationship ( if indeed he had one ) with most of the squad. You’d understand if they’ve grown tired of the same old spiel, tactics and formation.

It’s draining for us to have to listen to that drivel for about 20 minutes each week, imagine hearing it every day in training.

Clutching at straws Robinson referred to Chris Powell bringing in 20 odd fresh faces prior to that League 1 winning season. I don’t think he’ll be backed to the same extent and in any case even if he were the man’s not capable of moulding them into a team.

Robinson is desperately clinging on now. Another reverse on Saturday will have Roly twitching especially with games against Bradford and The Blades looming large on the horizon. That Katrien has publicly backed doesn’t bode well for him.

A poor display and scoreline at Sixfields will probably see the away support vent their spleen. It has the potential to be toxic.

Cobblers fans won’t take to kindly to Robinson I’m sure given his MK connections. His previous team were well beaten in a televised game against Northampton earlier in the season and Town will probably be confident of doing the same against us despite a reverse in midweek.

Hearts and minds are likely to be elsewhere though of course as we consider fellow fans making the trip to Belgium.

Aside from having a good time I hope they are able to make their point to our destructive owner whilst further highlighting our plight in both foreign and national media.

Maybe when he’s sees the make up and number of fans Roly will realise that it isn’t bitter ex-employees who are protesting. Nor is it misogynists or xenophobes whatever Katrien and the tiresome a2c would have him believe.

Our hapless CEO isn’t going to leave or indeed change in any way as she just doesn’t have the first clue about how to turn things around. No number of PR personnel is going to help her out of the mess of her making.

Therefore, I have to say that the more important battle to win on Saturday is the one being fought on foreign soil. Nothing less than the ultimate victory will save our precious club now with a great deal of irreversible damage already done.

Come On You Reds and Come On You Mighty 2% !

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