Friday, 17 February 2017

Oop North Again

It's usually the case for The Addicks

A second game in 5 days in the north awaits on Saturday as Robinson leads his charges into Spotland.

2 points from the last 3 games isn’t what anyone ordered especially with a number of players returning from injuries and suspension resulting in a stronger squad. 

Off the pitch and Kennedy has now joined Hanlan on loan and Kevin Nugent has got himself the manager’s job at Barnet. Good luck to all of them. 

With our misfiring strikers these lads must wonder why they were deemed surplus to requirements. I’ve not seen Mavididi but one wonders if he’s really that much better than those two. 

Valentine’s Day is probably best forgotten and it’s to be hoped that fellow Addicks had more joy in scoring than our boys !

The one good thing arising from Tuesday was that there was no one red card and that’s one thing we’ve arrested……. for now.

It’s difficult to see how we can possibly get into the playoffs given that we lack any consistency. 

Tuesday saw Robinson make a few unforced changes that left most baffled. I understand doing so if your hand is forced but they did seem unnecessary.

Oh for a settled side. Why not ? No one is knocking on the door particularly. Aside from which are we really going to see out the season playing Robinson favoured and apparently only system right to the end of April ?

Surely he must consider another formation if his preferred one continues to fail to deliver. Sadly, I fear he won’t even if only for self-preservation but he seems so wedded to it.

I appreciate that he’s not had enough backing from RD and one would hope that even Robinson himself realises what we all knew – he was never going to get it.

Nonetheless there is still a squad of half decent players that he ought to be getting a lot more out of. To a degree I think he’ll find himself with the thankless task of trying to motivate the likes of our loanees who will have no particular reason to put themselves out too much.

Robinson’s penchant for too much chat and over-egging the pudding continues to make him look silly. Of late we’ve had the marquee signing, the new Deli Alli, nearly every player would walk into any League One side etc. – the list goes on.

You’d like to think that the postponement of the press conference is as a result of him taking time to deliver some sensible and rational words today but one doubts it.

2017 has been far from great for Rochdale as they’ve recorded just one league win since the turn of the year. In fact ,I note that they haven’t scored for 474 minutes ! Wow ! Should be a goal fest !

Maybe even one goal would be enough for us then never mind the two that Robinson craves.

Good luck to everyone going on Saturday. I hope you are rewarded for your efforts and that we come away with the 3 points.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Warning Phil - this is the font police. I miss the old, slightly larger font. Are these part of some RD style cost reductions?

    1. Ha ! Ha ! Yes I know sorry about that. It was a cut and paste job that didn't go too well. Promise to do better next time.

  2. Another Anon.
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    1. Anon 2. Ditto the apologies I need to check next time. Not sure about 12 words per line although I do always aim for small paragraphs. Cheers

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  5. On the other hand this could be saying something about the age of the CAFC fanbase! lol

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