Thursday, 9 February 2017

Conversational Karl

Shoot ! 

We caught up with a relaxed  Karl Robinson ahead of Saturday's trip to AFC Wimbledon.

ANEM - Good morning Karl.

KR - It is a good morning but that could change at any moment as a result of a poor decision by a referee who just doesn't want a big club like ours to enjoy itself upto the noon hour. Having said all that, let me be frank..............oops the cat just did a whoopsy in my beret....only joking lad, I'm not Frank Spencer.....there seems to be real desire, passion from others, maybe they're jealous or whatever that a massive club like ours can't enjoy our elevenses. Talking of which I like a good brew, made properly in a cup like but with our history the teabag stays longer in the cup than us - Ho ! Ho ! you can have that one lad !

ANEM - Karl what attracted you to Charlton. You must have had to give it some thought given the problems since it has been under the ownership of the Belgian businessman,  Roland Duchatelet ?

KR - Well, Belgium is known for its waffles and I like a good waffle me ! You can have that one lad ! Having met with the President and Katrienne I sensed a desire, a passion, a belief to play for the badge er I mean turn things around plus I was out of work and hadn't had an interview for months, was starting to talk myself in the kitchen for half an hour or so until I realised the light came from the fridge not the assembled media corps.

ANEM - How have you taken to the players and in turn, how have they taken to you ?

KR - They've been great since I first walked through the door. There are some real characters in that dressing room like Tony, Pagey, Ruddy, Finchy, Monkey Harris etc. I think they're responding to me as a manager. Well, I say manager but really I've created an atmosphere where I'm a friend first, boss second. Probably an entertainer third.

ANEM - You have said you hope that you can heal the rift between the owner and the fans. Do you still believe you can do that and how can you achieve it ?

KR - It's all about everyone - the owner, the fans, the players, the board.....Wirral in this together ! You can have the one lad !

Seriously, it's about the desire, the passion, the belief, the badge, the desire, the willingness to put things right by working together with a desire. I have tremendous passion and affection for this football club - cut me and I bleed red !

ANEM - Some people have accused you of talking too much in interviews. Is that a fair criticism ?

DB - It has been said occasionally. Someone accused me the other day of being verbose. I don't know what that means but I think they've got too much to say for themselves. Another said I had verbal diarrhea but they're full of sh**e.

ANEM - Fair enough. If I can ask you one more question about interviews. I think this impression of talking too much is that your interviews are repetitive and full of cliches. Is that fair ?

DB - At the end of the day people can think what they like. I talk a bit but I believe that's all down to my desire, passion and belief as I want to take this football club forward. I'd be over the moon if we can do that together. It won't happen overnight, it's a marathon not a sprint and you need to grab the low hanging fruit whilst not disturbing the cuckoo in the nest to make small gains - not to mention the elephant in the room.

By the way I once shot an elephant in my pyjamas. How he got into my pyjamas I'll never know ! You can have that one lad !

ANEM - You have been accused of saying the same things about Charlton as you did your previous club. Again, do you think that's fair ?

DB - Well, the only ones that matter are the fans. I know from the noise, support and atmosphere that comes from the Kop, Cowshed er South Stand tells me that they like what I'm doing. If I refuse to speak to you who am I letting down ? The fans, the people who allow our game to be the greatest game in the world in our country.

It was at this point when fiction and reality became blurred we took a breather. The second part of the interview where we ask Karl about what every Charlton fan really wants to know - his views on Saturdays big game............Liverpool v Spurs will follow soon.

Watch this space !


  1. Oh so fantastic and oh so true. shame can not be shared or can it lol and where.

    1. Coming near you on a twice weekly basis John !

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  4. Very funny :) And to think you sourced your material form his actual published interviews!

  5. Oh bless him, u've got his number to a tee! Is the Norfolk £40 mill of coke his private stash. As you've proved, him being a bit of a dick is quite entertaining and he's not done/said anything awful yet. Seriously, he doesn't seem football naive, or out of his depth yet. Seems he can motivate, armless enough and as long as he gets the right results. On the other hand sorry I can't say the same about Mr RD & Ms KM.

    1. Anon, spot on. It does seem the players want to play for him so he has something there. Not sure how long the goodwill from fans and the owner will last if results aren't good but think Roly will be happy with us just ticking over in League One.

  6. "Evil owners dump three dead horses outside The Valley" .... yes these are the kind of despicable people that a2c readily defends. Truly Disgusting.

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