Thursday, 23 February 2017

Cryptic Karl

Point and away you go !

Mr Robinson exceeded himself today as he treated us to 20 minutes of pre-match chat. However, don't think that longer time meant that he said anything meaningful.

There were the usual references to passion, desire and the badge that apparently says winner. What's this though ? Robinson now has a new buzzword........culture. I lost count of the number of times he used the word but he's serious about it believe me.

As ever he wasn't particular clear what this culture was. There is a culture but a culture of what.....of losing, a culture of dishonesty, a culture of one is any the wiser after a full 20 minutes but he wants a new culture and no mistake.

In addition, the manager again made reference to the fact that he knows what the problem is with the team but when pressed ( if you can call it that ) fails to say exactly what he means.

He appears to be saying that he hasn't been backed in the transfer market but later says it will all change in summer. So they've not backed you now but will in 4 months time ? Hmm.

All the time he keeps telling us that he's being honest and not only that he has been encouraged to be so. There's honesty and then keeping your cards close to your chest whilst being economical with the truth. 

If he were being honest then surely he'd answer the question as to what the problem is that he's so sure he knows of ?

Roly and Kat must love him as during all his spiel he sang the praises of the younger players and we can apparently look forward to the next Lookman. Exciting times ahead.

As ever just win a game or two please ! Pretty please !

Off the pitch there's been the usual odd stories. Bowyer is appointed assistant first team coach, like we needed another one. I've no idea what coaching experience he has and he's come out of nowhere to land a job with Robinson. Very odd all round.

The minutes of the Fans Forum show the club still seek to take over the Player of the Year event as they did last year. They don't give up easily do they ? They seek to turn it into a child friendly event that appeals to no one. 

There are plenty of other opportunities to do something like that through the season. The event has been successfully run by others for years.

One is tempted to say " if it ain't broke don't fix it ! ". However, the board's mantre is quite the opposite " if it ain't broke, why not ? "

In the meantime,there's a game to be won on Saturday as The Addicks play the reverse of the opening day fixture. They'll be hoping for a better performance than they put on at Gigg Lane. That was one that set the tone for the season.

Football for a fiver alone as far as the club is concerned needs something vastly improved than what we've seen of late.

Come On You Reds !  


  1. At the Valley these days, the phrase seems to be 'if it ain't broke, fix it till it is'.
    Ken Shabby

    1. Indeed Ken and that's what I should have said eh ?

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