Tuesday, 12 January 2016

The Circle Of Life

Tonight’s chosen mode of transport ( above ) to Huddersfield should be enough to accommodate all the customers plus Katrien and Karel who like people fleeing the Old Bailey in Black Marias will be hidden under blankets.
Should things continue the way they are, then reminiscent of the days when I followed the Deres as a kid, we can all travel to away games in one coach with the team and management.
In fact, despite their advancing years and if they’re still around I’m sure the likes of Keith Gurr, Brendon Greatorex, Dennis Crawford, Gary Cooper, Roger Dent etc. etc. could probably do a decent turn. In a further parallel with The Addicks we wouldn’t be able to call upon Tommy Ord of course as the young starlet has been sold to Chelsea !
Perhaps we’ll end up playing in Belevedere as my football life turns full circle. Hey Ho ! As long as I don’t have to clean the boots and carry round the winning raffle numbers board at half time again I can perhaps live with that !
Come On You Deres er Reds !


  1. Am I right in thinking that Keith Peacock also turned out for Erith and Belvedere very early in his career? Perhaps he still has his boots or shoes or slippers or whatever they're called these days?

  2. Don't recall anyone or reading anything about KP playing for them Terry but doesn't mean he didn't of course. I reckon Keith could still do a job even in his slippers !

  3. Phil, I have consulted my copy of the brilliant 'Valiant 500' written by the late Colin Cameron and KP is listed as having played twice for Erith and Belvedere reserves in the 1961/62 season. My brother (then a promising young goal-keeper) also played for Erith and Belvedere at that time and I remember him telling me about him playing in the same side as KP. Older brothers are never wrong are they!!!

  4. Thanks for confirming Terry. I had no idea. That's good to know. The Deres were a decent side back in the day. It's a shame what has happened to the ground and the club itself since then.