Sunday, 31 January 2016

Danegeld !

Well it has been a taxing season

Our Great Dane has managed to do a reverse Samson as it would appear that having his hair cut has increased rather than sapped his strength and power. Having in recent times looked lethargic and failing to make the most of his physical attributes yesterday he put them to good use and produced two decent goals in a much improved team performance.

One swallow and all that but let's hope it's a good omen as JBG seemed similarly rejuvenated and of late he's appeared about as interested as an elderly Belgian in watching football in S.E.7.

The defensive frailties remain and the Millers could have made it 2-3 to set nerves jangling had their player not decided to try and pass to Major Tim Peake. The penalty decision was harsh, however, Henderson was still called upon to make a couple of stunning saves. Bauer's return should help and add some much needed competition for places in defence.

All four goals were well constructed and it was as pleasing that JBG had a hand in them as that 3 strikers got on the scoresheet. There was even time for Lookman to give a glimpse of his precocious talent with a finish of some aplomb having only just come on.

Of course failure to win at home next week to fellow strugglers Bristol City will render yesterday's win somewhat redundant. It won't be easy as City have recruited well in the transfer window and are a tougher nut to crack as a result.

That transfer window slams shut tomorrow and it will do so louder than anywhere in S.E. 7 if we don't make at least two quality signings in the next 24 hours. That we've left it so late isn't great but then replacing your manager half way through it isn't the most sensible thing to do. This is no better illustrated than by the fact that none of the 3 players we have recruited to date were not in the starting eleven yesterday. 

Earlier today I started watching the video of the latest fans forum. I have to say it was hard work as the pace was anything other than electric. It also had a very amateurish feel about it as there appeared to be little structure and order to things. 

One of the first items was the circulation of what I believe was a document outlining future communication ( yes it's a good idea why don't our owners try it ! ). This made wonderful viewing as you watch the assembled read it and try to take in its contents. Surely it could have sent to all attendees before hand for proper consideration ? 

There then followed a few questions where Katrien was either unwilling or unable to give an answer to a simple question about how many people were reporting to her ! 

I'll try and summon up the enthusiasm, if that's the word, to watch the rest of it. Fortunately, the viewing on the pitch has been altogether better in the last week and long may that continue. In the meantime, meeting video aside, I'll be checking for those two big signings !



  1. I was watchin it n all n Katrien was doin really well n explainin abahrt the flats still don't let them rumours let people believe wot they want even if they aint true. Still I can't remember the last board avin loss of meetins n puttin them online n all, oh I forgot they was both English so it don't count.

  2. Way pass your bedtime little a2c, you got school in the morning and if you don't get your sleep you'll never get your English GCSE.
    Mrs a2c / Mum xxx

  3. a2c = V d1m
    ahh! god bless him

  4. a2c
    Was you dear that's nice!

  5. judging from this and his comments on other sites, a2c seems to believe that some of us Charlton fans are a bit xenophobic, that we are anti Belgian. Well I'm totally behind Jose Riga and the only hint of xenophobia that I have sensed comes from our club's owner who refuses to consider anyone British for the manager's post.