Friday, 22 January 2016

Now Is The Time..........

for all good men ( and women ) to come to the aid of their football club !

There are differing views as to what action to take on Saturday. We’re all aware that there are some planned and publicly announced protests. Then, there are some yet to be announced but nonetheless pre-planned actions. In addition, some are boycotting the game. 

You pays your money and you takes your choice as they say. However, I have seen some rather silly comments from some suggesting that you’re the devil’s sperm or a scab if you go to the game. Eh ? I didn't realise there was a strike on ! No one will dictate to me what I do and should I choose to protest I’ll do so in the way I want to. 

I believe we need to get behind the team aside from having paid for my season ticket so any boycott on my part is rather fruitless other than the potential embarrassment of an empty seat. In that respect I don’t think Roly gives a hoot anyway. I believe we should be backing the team whilst there’s a chance we can survive in this league in spite of what the owner has done or said or even not said !

If you choose not to go then fair play that’s your choice as I said.

I do hope there aren’t any folk who are hell bent on intimidating anyone. I can’t see it happening but it will be a bleak day if it does.

To rid the club of Roly it needs everyone pulling together in a planned, controlled and peaceful fashion. Sadly, there have been a few unsavoury comments between fans. It’s all unnecessary and indeed counter-productive.

As far as matters on the pitch are concerned Riga faces a hell of a job and last Saturday only served to underline how massive the task ahead of him is. It wasn’t just what went on in Hull. Victories for MK Dons and Bristol City hardly helped and let’s not even mention our goal difference !

As if the threat of Jordan Rhodes isn’t enough, Rovers have just signed Danny Graham on loan and it’s not hard to envisage him re-discovering some form courtesy of ourselves.

The frustrating thing is that we do possess decent enough players to get us out of the mire. The same players that secured victories over QPR and Hull although it seems almost a lifetime away now !

The difference aside from the disastrous interim appointment and run of results is confidence. If we can get that back and some discipline and a more stable starting eleven then we have a hope. A couple more proven Champ players would help too mind.

I’m a fan of Tony Watt the player but not a fan of Tony Watt the person in as much as I think he’s had enough chances and I can’t think we sent him out on loan for any reason other than he wasn’t settled. If he is to stay then clearly we need to play him and get best out of him. Give him a reason to play well in the red shirt even if only to showcase his talents to prospective buyers.

Whatever we do we need to back the players and hopefully lift them to a victory !

Come On You Reds !


  1. I don't know anything about the Watt 'the person' situation. References continue to be made about his attitude and commitment to CAFC and that he was a disruptive influence. If those accusations are correct then why bring him back rather than extend the loan arrangement at Cardiff where His form and popularity were good and his market value increasing? There has to be mutuality of commitment between player and club and clearly the powers that be at CAFC pulled the plug on their commitment to Watt by sending him out on loan and if it were not for the transfer embargo then he would no longer be a Charlton player. Of course he is a professional athlete and should as a matter of discipline commit himself to doing his job to the best of his ability but it isn't difficult to imagine his thoughts on returning to the club that so clearly didn't want him, especially a club that is at present in turmoil both on and off the pitch.

  2. Surely Watt was brought back, rather than loaned out longer, so he could be sold to someone else.

    1. That does make sense so is probably the least likely scenario!

  3. Sciurius Carolinensis Nemesis22 January 2016 at 14:55

    Duchatelet's decisions on squad members, acquisitions, loans, departures, sales can not be assessed by the application of any football based logic or experience. He isn't about to divulge his methods and to dedicate any effort to working them out will lead only to frustration and madness. We're in for an ever bumpier ride through RD's experiment, I'm not usually susceptible to motion sickness but being a Charlton fan is currently nauseating me to a degree I've never known.

  4. Appreciate your thoughts chaps. I agree that Watt won't be in the best place, I've no idea exactly what prompted his loan but his previous moves etc indicate a potential issue. I hope that Riga can sort it out if he stays. There were rumours of discontent with fellow players but as a mate of mine pointed out that doesn't always mean anything, QED Andy Cole and Teddy Sheringham never stopped them doing well. Hopefully, he'll be focused and do well if he does play. I agree it does seem as though he was brought back to be sold though. SCN, given that Roly doesn't seem to be going anywhere it does appear the ride won't be getting any more comfortable anytime soon as you say !

  5. I agree with most of wot your sayin on ere but am against protest cos many of them protesters are aggressive n I don't see ow wot there doin is elpin the team to play better n theirn aint givin any elpful advice to the owners either juss negative bile n vitriol.