Friday, 29 January 2016

Rock Bottom

We may have to cling on to that thought.
With each passing week perhaps each passing day, I think our club can't sink any lower save for our position in the league and that's only perhaps a matter of time.
It appears there are still some depths which we've yet to sink to. The latest in a long running series of " you couldn't make it up " has seen us sign a player on loan that the manager hasn't agreed to with the result that said player may well not play for us at all. That this happened on the same day as former manager, Chris Powell revealed how he had players forced upon him and recruited to the club would be viewed as an embarrassing own goal by most organisations.

However, this isn't a normal organisation at the moment. There seems to be little in the way of apology for the ongoing disaster and Duchatelet is now able to add Richard Murray to his collection of stooges. It's incredible the number of folk prepared to front up on Roly's behalf to try and explain away how misunderstood he is.

I've long given up trying to understand what's in it for Roly save perhaps for some sadistic satisfaction of ruining our club and the enjoyment of being a hate figure even if only at a distance. The man has even been offered a way out but still even at this late stage he refuses to take it.

I was deeply saddened to see top folk from the F.A. and Football League looking round our academy. Normally the would be a source of pride and joy. It isn't though when the owners declared intention is for the academy to produce players for Premier League clubs and not our own. Why these officials graced the academy with their presence when they must know the situation is something only they can explain.

It only served to have the appearance of sanctioning what Roly does and allowing Katrien a photo opportunity. They missed an opportunity to deliver a snub to the owner.

Further disturbing rumours abound that part of the Jimmy Seed will be made into flats. If so, then that start to explain what the owner's real intentions are.

We still await news of Target 20k ( yes, really ! Remember that ! ). More open communication will be heading our way. Video of the Fans Forum is due this afternoon....let's see how revealing that is eh ?

It's an increasing mess. Call me old fashioned but I recall those halcyon days when one wrote and read blogs about matters on the pitch. Perhaps when and soon after we reach rock bottom we can start to do that again. Here's hoping !

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Couldn't agree more - well written. The new manager made his intentions relatively clear by not playing Relegation Roger and others on Sat or, alternativel, could he have been made to play the new network signing and showcase Lennon? Who knows. It's such a confused mess anything is possible.