Wednesday, 17 August 2011

London - Essex

The old argument from the excellent Monkey Dust - think London won that one last night

A superb Addicks display, certainly in the first half, made the inaugural ANEM trip to the Weston Homes Stadium a very pleasant and worthwhile experience. Even the weather played its part in making it a good evening.

We arrived early at just after 5pm as I'd been led to believe there were only 700 parking places available at the stadium. Oh how wrong that was ! If the entire crowd had driven in their own car I'm sure the car park could have accommodated them. When trying to get out after the game it seemd as if everyone had ! One big car park, one singular and small exit route !

All the Colchester staff encountered were friendly, pleasant and polite and further enhanced an enjoyable evening. Our support was excellent with everyone noisy and well behind the team. As far as I could tell no silly behaviour or songs either which was most welcome !

Plenty of time to kill but sadly nowhere to go other than the BP garage across the road and I'd have been Alan Partridge like in taking a trip over there almost for the sheer hell it. I did think of him as I tucked into my pre-match pasty bought at the ground, it was as Alan infamously said " hotter than the sun " and I burnt my hand as some of the contents went my way rather than anywhere else !

Pre-match entertainment mainly involved dodging the shots from our boys. Sullivan seemed most amused when one poor lady caught one smack on her bottom. She did well to laugh it must have hurt.

I've often thought that when announcing the line ups at the Valley we ought to show the oppo's players pictures.........the one of Matt Taylor last night showed precisely why we don't do that. It seemed he'd lost 3 stone, a foot in height and turned black !

The first half saw us play some lovely football, slick and for the most part at times one touch. The two goals were excellently taken and as Sir Chris observed on Saturday, it could have been more. That could will need to become should as it will cost us I'm sure in future games.

The pitch was ridiculously over-watered at half time.........a strange decision when your team keeps the ball off the grass most of the time. We seemed to allow the U's to keep the ball more for most of the time in the second period. BWP should have added more than one to his total and he will rue his under-hit lob. Euell was unlucky not to score late on as their keeper ( man of the match for the U's by the way ) made a fantastic save.  

I can't really fault anyone's performance. They all worked hard as well as looking to play a fast-moving passing game. The subs were about right although I felt Wagstaff faded in the second half and Green should have replaced him.

Elliot's booking for alleged time-wasting was a nonsense. No warnings and he wasn't anyway....sure he wasn't rushing but he wasn't excessively slow either. The ref will have the complete set of League One custodians if he continues in that vein !

Early days but all very encouraging. There will be tougher tests ahead not least when we have to cope with injuries and suspensions. However, at the moment it's good to be an Addicks fan and the team is a joy to watch.....did I really just write that !

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