Sunday, 28 August 2011

Addicks win despite being shorn of Wright-Phillips

A quickly taken Lowe fee kick saw Charlton shaken but stirred !

ANEM was sadly devoid of correspondents at Gigg Lane, finances being the main reason. In addition, our senior reporter, Clive, was unavailable. Therefore, we can only make observations from afar.

Obviously it was a lacklustre first half from the Addicks against a Bury side who had a tough midweek fixture. It was a game we ought to have won comfortably if we're honest even without BWP. However, the signs of a rousing teamtalk from Sir Chris and resulting positive response form the players augers well.

Lowe was clearly highlighted as the man to watch especially at set pieces so that we weren't alert to his free kick is assumes that the management team focused on this during the week. However, we did get a reaction.

The goals were almost instant and well taken. It sounds like most players had good second halves if not the full ninety with Morrison and Solly stand outs. Hamer seems to have had a couple of dodgy moments but okay otherwise. Like most others he knows an able deputy is waiting in the wings.

We have got over any possible hangover from the previous Saturday with this and the Reading game. Indeed, Sir Chris seems to be endorsing products of the hangover variety as the OS headlines " Powell hails resolve ! ".

Many positives this week then as the Addicks have shown the second string can beat championship opponents, the main eleven demonstrate that we can win without our main goal scorer and we can come back from going behind. In addition, we didn't make negative substitutions when defending our lead late on. All good as clearly we are progressing and lessons are being learned !

Damn Sky have put paid to our Saturday next week and we have to wait until the following Monday for our football fix. Wednesday beat Scunny yesterday although it doesn't look very convincing. That the Iron had only just played on the Thursday was out of order I thought and why they weren't allowed to delay until at least today is beyond me.

The Owls are in action midweek in the paint pot trophy with a game away to Bradford. We have a bye and subsequently a break. Hopefully BWP will be restored to full health and everyone else will be fit. Maybe Elliot and Benson will have departed and one or two new faces will have arrived. Certainly one would like to see a new striker.

It was good to see Mambo on the bench yesterday. Like to see him stay there ahead of Doherty when the Doc is fit assuming no centre half arrives in the next few days.

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