Saturday, 13 August 2011

Knott's County

Deadly and Knotty officially opening their stand on Thursday this week.

I returned late yesterday afternoon having spent a few days in God's chosen county. Initially being based in New Romney allowed me to re-visit many places and reminisce about childhood holidays in Greatstone. It also allowed me the pleasure of a few trips on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch railway which even at my tender ( !! ) age never loses its appeal.

From Wednesday onwards I was based in Canterbury for the Kent v Surrey match. This should have been a 4 day game, however, Surrey weren't able to take the game into the fourth day despite the vast sums invested in the team. If they don't go up then you feel Adams will be under pressure and I won't be surprised to see him go. This should draw compairsons with a football team but I can't think of any !

Thursday saw the return to the St Lawrence ground of two Kent and England cricket legends, namely Knott and Underwood as they opened the newly named stand in their honour. Knotty fondly recalled how Bernard Julien once threw a ball over the Frank Wolley stand, no mean feat as those of you who know the ground can readily testify ! I feel the stand should be called the Knott and Underwood stand because it sounds better to me probably due to the " caught Knott bowled Underwood " method of dismissal so popular ( with Kent fans anyway ) during the 60's, 70's and 80's.

During my short break a lot has happened on both national and more parochial levels although both have impacted on each other. I've no intention on commenting on the riots as other CAFC blogs have expressed the feelings of the vast majority of us and have done so more eloquently than I could.

On strictly footballing matters Jason Euell has returned to our ranks as one always suspected he would. I'm quite pleased about this as I believe he still has something to offer particularly at Div 3 level. I thought his treatment by Curbs that ultimately led to his leaving was a poor show and that the great man over-reacted to the inicident in the Man Utd game. Anyway good to see that he holds no grudges and is now back with us.

Today's game offers a tougher test than last week if only because we are away and an away league win isn't something we've witnessed for a while even allowing for the summer break !

I think we'd all take a draw right now although I'd prefer the win of course. Sadly today we come up against Lee Hughes. I've no time for the bloke who in keeping with most of the idiots widely shown on our tv screens this week shows no sign of remorse.

County won last comfortably last week in the league although one hopes that their mid-week defeat on penalties following extra-time and sadly a miss from the lovely Hughes will have knocked them.

As another blog observed ( sadly I can't remember which one due to reading several last night in an attempt to catch up ! ) there should be no room for sentimentality and Green should start today despite Wagstaff's excellent strike last week. As good as that was his overall game wasn't great and if Green is deemed by Sir Chris to be a better player then get him in from the start. I suspect it'll be a place on the bench for Green though.

Sir Chris will again be observing from the stands as he completes the second and final game of his touchline ban. Perhaps if we win again he may decide like Curbs did to base himself there permanently.

Hopefully we can return with 3 points today as it'd be good top the table again however embryonic it may be.

Cone on you reds !

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