Sunday, 7 August 2011

Cherries Lost

With so many " Charlton virgins " it's no surprise that cherries lost....

Debuts aplenty yesterday then and surprise to see Elliot in goal and he took the chance well albeit not having a great deal to do.

An accomplished and confortable win aided by two fine goals. A good goal by Wagstaff but one shot does not a summer make. I thought he was decidely average for the rest of his game with two or three hospital balls to team-mates and the usual reluctance to attack a poor left back. However, let's not dwell too much on that.

Stephens was magnificent and imposed himself on the game. Hollands too was another star performer. The defence coped well and Solly, although the concern of his lack of height remains, had a very good game. 

For the Cherries I was surprised that Taylor didn't start as he seemed to pose a greater threat than anyone else and perhaps should have scored with a close range header. Molesley too looked a skillful player.

I think young Arter had wound himself up a tad and was lucky to stay on the pitch. He had a good game with some telling and intelligent passing. He reacted like Bournemouth had been relgated at the final whistle collapsing to the floor......all a bit over the top.

Pleased with the goals, scoreline and performance. Next week will give us a better indication of where this team is at. After we've played Sheffield United having completed 10 or 11 games will be a truer reflection though of course.

Onwards and upwards hopefully. Reading up next and a chance for Sir Chris to rest some and give a run out to others. Should be interesting. 

Kent's demise in the T20 took the gloss off an otherwise perfect day.

Hopefully we'll get that other striker we need and a central defender too during the next few days. 

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