Friday, 5 August 2011

Bourne Again

Smart, fast-paced and totally gripping............sounds like a typical Charlton game eh !

A sense of deja vu as we entertain ( ? ) Bournemouth at home for our first match of the season. Let's hope that the campaign's denouement is more satisfying this time.

Bourne again too as the team has been totally rebuilt and only a few remain and one wonders how much longer some of them will be us. The wait ( sic ) of expectation is over and it's time to do the business.

Sir Chris has been backed to the hilt, an appropriate phrase given our badge. He's got the players he wants ( although rumours abound of some being imposed on him ) and he has a good backroom staff. Powell never looks like he's feeling pressure or appears flustered. Not sure if that's a good thing, however, he'll need a cool head if things don't go the way we expect or want them too.

I'm sure fans will turn on him and the board will be expecting results as the chairman's comments have indicated. I'm sure that Mr Hart lurking in the background doesn't ease that situation either.

The team will, I suspect be pretty much as generally anticipated. Hughes can expect to start and Wagstaff ( oh dear ) too as Danny is Green but not heard as he serves a one match suspension. Is it my imagination or do we start every season with a player serving a ban in the opener ?

I assume that Hamer will start in goal and that Robbie sadly won't even make the bench. I hope that if Jackson plays on the left and I can't think he won't, that he gets wider and doesn't drop as deep as he did in the game against the Dutch. Wiggins needs to up his game, hopefully he will against his old club. As I understand he was performing a lot better last season and is obviously capable of more.

This season is eagerly awaited by Addicks' fans. I can't recall us ever having bought and sold / got rid of ( McOxo !! ) so many players. That it seems we're trying to play some decent football is a bonus as we all want to be entertained even if results are paramount.

As if this weren't excitement enough, we have a big new screen to look at. That's bound to come in useful as a diversion from the " action " on the pitch ! I missed it when we didn't have have one.....after all I'm still recovering from the loss of the ABCD etc board that gave scores corresponding to associated fixtures. 

I live in the hope that we will one day have credit card like season tickets along with so many other clubs. Why this still isn't in place I've no idea........surely the initial outlay will be repaid in no time with the reduced staffing costs ? Oh well pack the thick season ticket into my pocket then I guess.

A busy sporting day as Kent play their T20 quarter final after the match. Aside from playing at home this was about as good as the draw could get for the Spitfires. If anyone has read this far ( I admire your endurance ) and knows of a pub or watering hole that will be showing the match then please leave a comment letting me know as I'm keen to see it... thank you.

Let's hope for a double win, Addicks and Spitfires to send us all home happy.

Come On Your Reds !

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