Monday, 21 February 2011

Rod Lidl

Good journalist and good looks......lucky fella. His mum must be so proud.

Rodney, as most of you are probably aware, writes occasionally for the Sunday Times. Rodney is also a Millwall fan as he's proud to let you know each week. He seemingly can't resist mentioning it in the same way he can't seem to resist having a pop at Charlton. It happens so often that you can't help but think the poor man's obsessed with us. Perhaps it's the result of a lifelong regret of not supporting a better and more decent club, i.e. the Addicks, just a few miles down the road.

Anyway his fixation with oursleves does nothing to improve his sub-standard articles. Yesterday was another masterpiece from Rodney. He divulges that he likes a drink and a really ? You'd never guess that from exhibit A above eh ! One can only hope that for his sake he's under the influence of some substace or other when he produces the tosh that somehow is approved for publication. It surely can't be the product of a sober mind.

Lidl hopes that " in form striker Bradley Wright-Phillips gets well and truly clattered one of these days quite soon ". Nice..........

Rodney concludes his insightful piece with " What is the point of football if not for the pleasure of schadenfreude ? ". No surprise in that sentiment from a Millwall fan even if most of them would be clueless to know what he meant by it.

I wonder if next week Lidl might turn his attentions to his own club and supporters who again disgraced themselves on Saturday. Objects thrown at linesman and referee.......ah that'll be the schadenfreude then ! My guess is not. Their manager couldn't bring himself to condemn what happened so why would this third rate journo.

I hope Lidl can receive help for his obsession..........until then I'm not shopping at his supermarkets.


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