Monday, 7 February 2011

6-1 ! That's really taken the gloss of our Ashes victory down under

This particular sporting trophy remains in safe hands.

The headline is steeped in irony of course, not that an Aussie would understand. Thank God that tedious and meanlingless seven match one day stuff ( excluding the 20-20s ) is over. We lost 6 - 1 apparently........really ? Seems so. Who cares ? Not any true cricket lover or England player. Some Aussie or somesuch may say it matters but that just emphasises how they have to cling to any little bit of glory in the offing !

I can't believe I heard one Sky commentator suggest that was the case ( the edge taken of our fine win ) over the weekend and a former English test player at that......can't remember who it was but shame on you sir !

Despite the seemingly increasing popularity of the one day game, test cricket remains the pinnacle. For any Englishman the aim's got to be to be the top test playing nation and holders of the Ashes at the very least. Who remembers top one day batsmen over top class test players ? Only their mums probably.

Not sure who agreed to those pointless matches after the main event. Good preparation for the world cup I heard some say. Yes indeed we've a sick bay the envy of MASH and confidence lower than a penguin's chuff. Those involved are home for a week and then back off again. Bugger all rest for our boys. All for the sake of stuffing a few more dollars in the ACB's coffers. I know we're as guilty when they come over here. I just wish we'd all accept it for what it raising and perhaps give a run out to the lesser lights....they could hardly have done worse.

In the only contest that mattered we beat the Aussies 3 - 1 and those 3 wins were all by more than an innings. We are so much better than them in all aspects of the game and at the end of the day " that Mitchell Johnson his bowling is sh**e ! "

Don't get me wrong I'm not totally alien to one day cricket, how could I be having been brought up watching Kent win the lot during the late 60's and 70's........domestically it's fine although a county championship is worth an awful lot more than any one day title of course. It's just the seemingly endless round of one day games and the desire to milk it to the nth degree does no one any favours in an already packed international calendar.

That's illustrated by players asking to miss entire test series. Please don't make me play for my country ! Players of yesteryear will be turning in their graves at the very thought. Too many test nations and too many games as a result of trying to keep all cricket boards sweet. Dilute the product at your peril.

It was clear that England's players had had enough after the Ashes and none of them really wanted to be embark on a pointless series of matches. You didn't need hindsight to know that.

It'd be nice if England win the world cup of course but that's all it is.........nice. It means nothing ! Their over-riding aim should be to be the number one test playing nation. Nothing in cricket can top the excitement of a close, hard fought test match...........well perhaps only being the number one test nation !


  1. Oh, they understand alright. Between 1987 and 2005 they lost plenty of ODI's, but only one live Ashes test match.

  2. In the meantime we've won 3 of the last 4 Ashes contests....I prefer my Ashes history on the contemporary side. We're top dogs and I'm loving it !
    When we weren't I wasn't seeking solace in some meaningless ODIs............just as now it didn't matter.