Sunday, 13 February 2011

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Many would agrue that yesterday's fine win wasn't all down to luck and that's largely true. However, I would just point out that a large slice of good fortune saw that we were sans Benson yesterday. Before the game I said I'd be happy if his backside didn't leave the bench as it turns out of course it didn't even get that far.

We were blessed with a new strike partnership of BWP and Eccleston. As a result we had two players up front who showed good movement and could hold onto the ball. I'm a big admirer of young Eccleston but would like him to calm down when things don't go right. He needs to remember he's playing in the third tier and his team mates are unlikely to play the quality of ball he clearly expects.

The first half is best forgotten and we were fortunate to have only lost one goal and one referee at the break. Talking of officials...........the East Stand lino.........what was that all about ? Dressed like an overgrown teenager and how I wished he'd worn that baseball cap back to front to complete the image............I can only assume that his hair got in his eyes on occasions.

Time added on........hmmm always a bit of fun to guess how much of that you might get. It seems obligatory to have one minute even if bugger all has occured in the way of injuries or delays. How on earth we had only 4 minutes at the end of the first period and then 6 after the 90 minutes is something I'd love to hear explained. Aside from the stoppage for the referee we must have had at least 2 minutes for the two players who clashed heads in the first half. 

Frankly I was disgusted of Tunbridge Wells when I heard the booing at half time. Never been in favour of it nor done in my life. We'd just won our previous 3 games, we had one bad half and we got that from some quarters. Not needed, Sir Chris and the team knew it wasn't acceptable. They needed encouragment. Give them the silent treatment if you like but keep the booing for panto thanks.

Mercifully Wagstaff was, as he was during during the opening 45 minutes, withdrawn. For me he remains very much an impact sub at best. His contribution of late has been minimal. We can't afford to carry players and the same was true of McCormack who had a shocker. I hope Sir Chris took note of the cries for " Therry Racon ". McCormack played on one decent pass all afternoon and even he'd have to admit that it wasn't intended !

What an impact Abbott was to have. How it made one think of how shameful it was that Parky didn't give him more an opportunity whilst Benson seemed to be the one who shall not be subbed. Pavel won countless headers, brought others into play and showed some lovely touches. He had a great 51 minutes ( time added on remember ! ).

Our second goal was one of the best I've seen from us in many a year. The movement, passing and execution was superb......more of the same please.

Francis is so frustratng. Clearly ok going forward with the ability to deliver a good cross his defending leaves so much to be desired. I felt that Doherty was as awful first half as he was brilliant in the second.

Picking a man of the match is difficult. The whole team seemed galvanised in the second half. Elliot was great none more so than when saving at the feet of two Posh players late on.......very brave and vital. Semedo probably edges it for me as he kept us going. He was everywhere and so good on the ball seeming to have more time than others. I'm overlooking his needless trip for which he was lucky to get away with scot free. Jose was immense especially when you consider how ineffctual his central midfield partner was. McCormack looked unfit and I'm sure he was running through treacle for most of the second half.

Well done to Sir Chirs for making the right changes and the team for responding with a good second 45 minutes plus " time added on ". Plenty of competition for places which can only be good news as we play catch up with our games in hand. 

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