Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The Magic Boomerang

Boo is the Aboriginal word meaning to return because an ordinary merangue won't come back........with apologies to Milton Jones 

The recent time-keeping fiasco against Peterborough again highlighted the issues associated with time added on. At the end of the first half where we saw the ref stretchered off after some lengthy treatment, two players receiving first aid following a clash of heads and a couple of other injuries but only 4 minutes added on. Then at the end of the second period a full 6 minutes were plucked out of thin air when I couldn't recall any timewasting or injury.

I was taken back to my childhood and a tv programme called.........skippy ! No I'm messing, it's the magic boomerang another one from down under. A lad with the said boomerang with certain qualities used to throw it in the middle of some adventure and time and everyone else would stand still except for the lad. Invariably he used the time to tie up some villains or similar before catching it.

Why don't I take my magic boomerang down to the Valley and throw it whenever there's a stoppage and we can all be happy the requisite amount of time has elasped, no arguments and the ref can blow his whistle safe in the knowledge that he is spot on.

Just one problem........I don't have a magic boomerang and between you and me.......I'm not sure if what happened during that 60's tv show was entirely for real.

Sans boomerang, magic or otherwise how could we address the time issue. If only there was another sport that managed to address the problem without any worries whatsoever ! Da dah ! Step forward rugby union ! Every week they cope quite well. Play stops and so does the clock. Central timing and all is hunky dory. No need for irritable Scottish managers with a love of horology to get tetchy.

Seems to work doesnt it. As ever I don't think there's a cat in hell's chance of it ever happening. Much less likely then to witness a law change that would, a la rugby, not see play stop until the ball is dead. How good would that be ! That'd make some games a lot more interesting.

I can but dream.

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