Tuesday, 3 April 2012

1984 ?

I believe the tache is meant to be more Hitler than Chaplin

Well, at least now I know I have one regular reader as some poor sap in GCHQ is forced to read this just to ensure I'm not planning to put a whoopee cushion under Her Majesty or anything. They'll be monitoring for subliminal messages so I need to be careful. No mention of our aerial threat, Morrison launching the ball into the box or Green bombing down the wing.

Saturday saw a return to winning ways and in the early stages also the positive, attacking play that was the hallmark of our early season play. I thought we were going to go goal crazy but sadly the imbecile of a referee put paid to that. 

I'm not sure about BWP's penalty appeal and saw nothing wrong with Cort's " goal ". In both cases though if he felt he was correct then Brown should have booked both, surely ? The bloke seemed to love it, the worse he got the more he seemed to be enjoying himself. You can be sure he was bullied as a child.

An early goal from Wagstaff settled everyone down although a second was always going to be necessary as the anticipated avalanche of goals just didn't happen. Orient kept plugging away largely without success but Spring was always threatening to create something via his intelligent and thoughtful passing. 

Lisbie and Mooney, in particular, had games to forget. Mooney seemed out to prove a point and did so in confirming our thoughts about him........he hasn't been missed.

Yann was his typical industrious self but not as effective as usual in large part due to the close attention he received from a surprisingly at times physical Orient. With little to no protection from referee Brown this was no surprise.

The bits in between the goals were largely forgettable aside from both keepers making a couple of good saves. Rachubka made a double save with one effort from Cook who according to the BBC highlights was impersonating Solly.......really, some people will do anything to receive the player of the year award !

Late sub N'Gueussan duly dispatched Cook's quality cross to put the game beyond any doubt and to send us all home happy.

It's interesting to read various views on Cook and Wagstaff. I do believe that different standards are applied when reviewing their performances. I thought Cook did well and had a pretty good game delivering some good crosses not least for the second goal of course. Wagstaff did okay.......for him. And there's the nub of the matter.....by Wagstaff's standards. He ran a lot as always, got into a good position to score an easy goal and credit where it's due, he was there to put it away. I suspect that there's a greater weight of expectation for Cook.

I still prefer Green on the right, whilst not great and he does lack consistency, Danny is the better, more attack minded player with the ability to produce a good cross on most occasions. He also carries a threat from set pieces. 

Stephens wasn't very good again and often got in Hollands' way. Danny himself looked tired and probably needs a rest. If Skip is fit, then why not play him in his best position which is central midfield alongside Hughes or Pritchard with Cook on the left and Wagstaff or Green on the right. That gives the midfield a much improved look about it.

I remain frustrated by Sir Chris's use of the subs. BWP should have come off after at best 60 minutes. Our leading goal scoring didn't look up for it as he often does on occasions and you know it's not going to be his day. N'Guessan is clearly a good striker, will cause problems and in my view deserves a start on Saturday......I know he won't get it though.

Sir Chris was, I hope, watching Man Utd last night and he would have seen a positive and timely use of the subs from Sir Alex. 

Sir Chris is like Curbs was in the early Prem days and is remaining too loyal to some members of the team. It's not necessarily a case of dropping one or two so much giving them a rest as I suggest with Hollands.

Saturday's opponents, Oldham are playing tonight and the odd suspension or two for them would be most welcome. Again you'd like to think that they'll be a little jaded from that thus making our task a little easier come the weekend.

Six to go then and we really ought to be able to garner sufficient points from the remaining games to not only get automatic promotion but secure the title too. I think we'll all be disappointed if that doesn't happen after being top dog for so long.


  1. Phil, we had a little laugh and giggle about GCHQ monitoring phonce calls and emails in our team meeting this morning. Then an uninvited disembowelled voice from the meetings room conference phone asked what we were doing. Much laughter - and annoyance from me - it woke me up.

    You are spot on about Jacko - there seems to be a sort of "Bailey thing" about playing him wide left. He could be the central midfield creativity we crave. And you are spot on about Sir Chrissy's use of subs, or lack of.

    Pembury Addick

  2. PA, precisely, I got so frustrated with Bailey being on the left. I firmly believe that Parky's insistance on playing him there cost us the first leg of play-off semi v Swindon. Several times he was in a position to deliver early crosses but by the time he got the ball on his right foot.......the chance was gone.
    I hope Parky hasn't got relatives at GCHQ ! If so, I'm very sorry and I didn't mean to imply any criticism. I don't want a visit from the Thought Police !!

  3. When fit i would like to see JJ alongside Hollands. With Green/Wagstaff right and Cook left.
    N'guessan looks to me like the impact sub. we wanted Hayes to be, but he never quite managed it.

  4. Daggs, I agree that playing Skip alongside Hollands would be good. I'd do that after giving Danny a well earned rest. The would probably be our best central midfield combination.
    You may be right about N'Guessan, who may prove to be best against a tiring defence. I'd like to see him start though to see if he can do it for the full 90.
    The ideal scenario is that we've secured the title with 2 or 3 games to go and Sir Chris can then experiment with an eye on next season.