Friday, 20 April 2012

Are We There Yet ?

Hopefully we will secure the title tomorrow and will be helped if the referee's a homer

Three to go then and all being well and right with the world then we'll wrap up the title following last week's promotion. We really ought to keep our part of the bargain and MK Dons have every incentive to at least stop the Blades from winning. It shouldn't be overlooked that the 12 good men and true may also have some say in events.

Sadly, no Doherty for the Chairboys ( wouldn't have minded see him lumbering round the Valley turf one last time ! ) despite the moaning from Ben Strevens et al. No good doing that, it was, as is customary, part of the loan deal. If they get relegated at the end of the season then it won't be on the strength of tomorrow's result alone will it ? I've no real wish to see Wycombe go down and have nothing against BBC's Bill whatshisface who supports them, this is just how it is and I want to see my boys complete the job on Saturday.

It'll be good to see Grant Basey playing at the Valley again, I bet there was a time when he thought might never happen again. I don't believe that Wycombe are bringing that many tomorrow despite their proximity to SE7 or the importance of the game to them.

One assumes the same starting eleven and bench as per last week barring injuries and illness. With the pressure of promotion off the lads ti'd be nice to see them go out and put on a polished performance, scoring many in a free flowing display of quality football. They couldn't have asked for a better opportunity to do so.

I know we're getting greedy now but hopefully with the title in the bag come 5.55pm or whenever the game finally completes then it'd be great to go on and beat Fulham's record league one tally of points.......think it's 101.

My wishes for tomorrow clearly outlined then with just one more if I can.............please God, can player of the year Solly score ? I don't care how, a Sir Chris special off the knee will suit me fine, it'll just complete a rather special season !

Come On You Reds !

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  1. It just beggars belief that Strevens can complain that we won't let him play our player in an attempt to beat us.

    I'm sure we'd have accepted a transfer fee for him to make the deal permanent then he could have played, but as it is I suspect that they are not paying all of his wages, so we'd be paying him to try to beat us.

    Sometimes I really do wonder if people think before they speak.