Friday, 22 April 2011

St George and the season drags on

                                  Shakespeare walks into a pub, the landlord says " you're bard "
Tomorrow is both St George's day and the anniversary of The Bard's death. The nation will celebrate both with the same level of enthusiasm as Addicks fans have for Rovers away.

Having kicked an opponent I doubt that Christian Dailly is kicking himself at the moment. Misses the last 5 games of an awful season and gets to enjoy some of the finest weather we've had in April in many a year.

Given that our season was over many weeks ago and we've had bugger all to play for ( pride and season ticket sales aside ) it's a shame that we've not seen some of our youngsters given a go. Jenkinson shows what you can discover if you do albeit he's off to pastures new. We've got previous in this area as Curbs also refused to blood youngsters when we were safe with nothing to play for.

I think we know who Powell wants to keep next season if he can. I guess we'd all want Stewart to stay but I think he has loftier ambitions. That his family are abiding in Caledonia would suggest that a northern club would appeal more to him than one in the metropolis.

I doubt there'll be many surprises in team selection. One can hope that should we be in need of a goal late into the game then we send on a striker rather than put the Doc up front ! Couldn't see the logic of that last week.

At least the oppo for the next 3 games have something to play for. Perhaps that may get our boys to raise their game.

Come On You Reds !

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