Saturday, 2 April 2011

Oh to be in August now that Spring ( and the rest of his team-mates ) is here....

Can our Christian stay on for the full 90 plus stoppage today ?

Back in August, sun shining, we all had a thoroughly nice away day at Brisbane Road. A balmy evening, down to 10 men, we won 3-1, even McCormack scored and we had a laugh at an " O's fan " in a United shirt ! Up the football league we go we sang as everything looked rosey in the Valley garden and we contemplated the possibility of another 6 game or so winning start to the " promotion campaign ".

However, Charlton wouldn't be Charlton if that wasn't to come crashing down around us. It all seems a long time ago now and the roller coaster ride that contains more downs than ups continues to disappoint.

Performances have improved a bit of late although I don't know what that says exactly given the base point from which that comparison is made ! Never mind, to be an Addick you need a large dollop of optimism ( as well as a sense of humour and a predilection for masochism ). It's with that state of mind that I approach today's game with a positive outlook and after all, the sun is out and we always play well against the O's in warm's fact........see above !

Since their inspiring cup run the O's have seen something of a dip in form. Their win bonus of a trip to Vegas may have turned their heads perhaps ? I'm convincing myself more and more of a 5 star performance today from the Addicks with goals a plenty for us, a clean sheet and Brazilian type football. Blimey and I've not yet stepped out into the sun today..... !

Joe is injured again and good a player as he is I'm not sure can afford to keep a player who has more knocks than Frank Spencer. This means a return for Benson I guess and I know he played well on Saturday. Sadly he can't seem to do it all the time and he's not my " type of player " to be honest. Like Elliot he only seems to perform when he's under pressure. If there's one of many things to hope for next season it's that there's more competition for places as currently too many players can safely assume they'll not get dropped.

Too much to hope that Eccleston will start ahead of Wagstaff. I sound like a scratched record ( remember those ? )  but I can't see how Wagstaff gets in ahead of him. My midfield would be Parrett, Stewart, Semedo and Eccleston...........boy that sounds good. Sadly it wont be anything like.

Never mind it's a lovely day and I'm looking forward to some quality ale ( pre and post match ), quality football and 3 points for the Addicks !

Come on  You Reds !

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