Sunday, 3 April 2011

O Dear !

                 Gary if you liked Jamie Jones yesterday you'd have loved Gazza !

The O's............

O dear !
O my God !
O sod it !
O s**t !

Visit Charlton Casual for a nice twist on a Clash classic in tribute to JJ !

You've got hand it to the O's yesterday or rather Mr Jones handed it to us ! A comic piece of goalkeeping for the second goal that will live long in the memory. It makes a nice change to report on a gaffe from the opposition rather than us.

Like Sir Chris, I felt we pressed quite well yesterday and that bit of effort is the least you can expect from a team especially if things haven't been going your way. I was surprised that Orient opted to try and play it about at the back when clearly their players seemed ill-equipped to do so and appeared terrified when the ball came to them.

The departure of Revell was a boost as he looked to be playing well. Despite that, Orient caused us problems right to the death. Not sure on the validity of " both Orient goals "....... even McGliesh looked sheepish about his. Hey ho ! Never mind we won in the end.

The ref aka The Pilsbury Dough Boy was truly awful and should have clamped down on the time wasting early on. The point at which he further wasted time by going over to Jones to speak to him and not issue a card was depressing. If he wasn't going to book him he should have gestured and made it clear that he wasn't going to accept any more of it. Again if it were rugby he'd have had a word with the skip and skip in turn would have had to make it clear to the rest of the team there'd be no more of it.

Just about everyone played their part yesterday save for Wagstaff who failed to deliver again. Why does he never attack space and / or take on another player ? How he stayed on I don't know.

How lovely to see Semedo score yesterday and even more the sheer delight he got from doing so. Wonderful and akin to Sir Chris's goal againt Coventry in his last game for us.

I was very impressed with Stewart and as Ketts points out, he is a player to build a team around and from the gesturing and communicating yesterday seems a natural leader. A good acquisition....

Pre and post match beers in the Royal Oak were lovely yesterday. They keep the Doom Bar well even if they do have a worrying trend to run out at various times !

A real test awaits us on Tuesday at St Mary's. I suspect a change or two may be needed for some tired legs. We do have options though and that's quite refreshing to report.

Good luck to the Bees today at Wembley. I'd like to see them win the paint pot thingy.

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