Saturday, 16 April 2011

Can I Have Some Of That Bad Luck Please !

One of the club's daily ( geddit ! ) e-mail bulletins this week headlined a story about our Christian's 5 match ban with " Dailly endures early end to campaign ". Endures ? Er excuse me ? There are plenty of adjectives one could use but endure surely isn't one of them.

If anyone is enduring anythng it's us poor bastards in the stands ! All of us are thinking how fortunate he is not to have to witness the end of this woeful season. If any of us were cynical and of course, as Charlton fans none of us is, we might wonder if Christain had worked out before kick off what a red card might entail. Would I blame him or hold it against him ? No, of course not ! If only a similar system were in operation for us hapless souls !

The cricket season has started and naturally that has meant a return to dull and overcast conditions which could be a metaphor for our collective mood. Like the Addicks, Kent started with a win but now look like losing their second game against Northants and by some distance. That it's a couple of ex-Kent men inflicted the damage with the bat makes it no easier to bear !

Is it worth looking at today's team selection ? No, not really. Dave from Drinking During The Game did a good assessment of which players we ought to retain for next season and I agreed with most of it. I think it's pretty much black and white for the majority with perhaps a couple of borderline cases. We'll see what Sir Chris and his team decide over the summer. Hopefully he can retain Stewart.........that increasingly looks like his main objective.

We get to vote for player of the year today. Even if AV were in operation it'd be pretty much a forgone conclusion. I expect Semedo to canter home with Jackson second despite missing a large part of the season which pretty much sums it up ! Some may fail to register a vote.........I understand that even McCormack's mum is voting for Francis !

Meanwhile the FA cup semis are on this weekend and the FA's decision to hold both at Wembley although based on footballing traditions, looks increasingly ludicrous. However, I doubt those purists at the HQ give a toss about that as thousands of fans from all 4 teams are stuck in traffic having shelled out loads of cash for the privilege. No, they'll be too busy counting the money.

I was so pleased to see Brighton get promotion. They have proved that you can play some decent football and still get out of this division in the right direction. Speaking of which I don't think we'll witness a feast of football from the Terriers today.....we know we wont from our boys. However, we travel to SE7 in the hope that our boys can raise their game and put up a decent fight whilst showing some spirit.

Come On You Reds !

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