Friday, 30 September 2016

One Down And Three !

Had she hit it off better with Gordon we could have been playing Mrs Brown's boys !

It’s football all the way this weekend as I’ll be seeing the versions from both sides of the pond.

Firstly, it’s the eagerly awaited League One clash in S.E. 7 as Charlton take on the Dale. Not really expecting too much here as we’d struggle to beat Dale Winton never mind the Dale of Roch.

Gillian Duffy’s boys rock up on the back of 3 straight wins, a feat that seems a million miles away for our boys at the moment. In fact, 3 points is stretching things to a degree.

Mr Slade has had plenty of time to analyse Tuesday’s performance but sadly what we got in yesterday’s pre-match interview was some bluster about game management, whatever that means ! I think it could be summed up in three short words……..we were s**t !

Whilst castigating the players “ game management “ Slade would do well to reflect on his own efforts in that direction, Game mismanagement is probably a more accurate description of the boss’s efforts.

I’ve nothing against Mr Slade and there may be things in the background and dark forces that he’s battling against. However, on face value that suggests he picks the team and choses the formation and tactics it don’t look good !

It has now reached the point where he is now more pressure than he was on Tuesday. The weight of expectation is getting heavier. As much he still has the backing of most fan and for the moment the senior management it is only Katrien that is totally fire-proof !

If results don’t improve Slade may have to shed a few stone, don a dark wig, get out the stilettos and start wearing stripy tops if he is to evade the chop !

Following Tuesday’s dire performance I’m approaching tomorrow’s game with some trepidation and I’m sure I’m not alone. It’s hard to see us getting a win, I hope I’m wrong of course.

Slade won’t be helped with rumours of more injuries. The main concern is the BFG. We can do without him missing games even if the one area we can accommodate injuries is in central defence.

However, it could be a blessing in disguise if the gaffer is forced to finally start those bench warmers par excellence, Chicksen and Botaka. It seems that Slade’s view of Tex means that he won’t start never mind how many are unavailable.

The £5 deal will mean that there ought to be a bigger crowd than Tuesday’s and it will no doubt be inflated whatever the reality. However, the powers that be will be hard pushed to declare one too much over the odds……but you never know.

I’d love to see us playing the ball out from the back and not banging long balls upfield. Added to which I wouldn’t miss the long throws that take me back to the days of Tranmere Rovers on a Friday night and Stoke, for a more contemporary reference. Surely, we’re better than that ?

Sunday sees me off to Wembley to watch only my second game of football of the American variety. I went last year not expecting to enjoy but was surprised by the extent to which I did in the end.

In the meantime tomorrow sees the second of 4 consecutive home games and it’s not inconceivable that we won’t win one of them. A scenario, with all due respect, made all the more likely by the resignation yesterday of Tony Mowbray.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to pass.

Come On You Reds ! 

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