Monday, 3 October 2016

How's Your Luck !

Pretty, pretty good !

Sunday saw me at Wembley for a bit of football American style as welcome break from watching The Addicks. This was Jacksonville Jaquars v Indianapolis Colts.

Of course one’s mind is taken back to the great day in May 1998 and several times images of super Clive’s goals and celebrations and Gray’s not so hot penalty replayed.

The reward for Charlton that day was promotion to the Premier League and untold riches. Fast forward 18 years and the contrast could hardly be more stark.

Another sportsman to grace the Wembley turf yesterday was Colts Quaterback, the aptly named Andrew Luck. Mr Luck was rewarded back in June with a contract worth $140m over 6 years ! Hmmm and we think Premiership footballers are overpaid !

Whilst far from being an expert or familiar with the nuances of the game I enjoyed what turned out to be a close game. A far cry from what was served up by our boys on Saturday.

For the second time in 5 days Charlton managed to serve up another insipid performance as we were again treated to some of the most mindless football I’ve ever witnessed……..even at this level !

Mr Slade had the lads banging the ball up to Josh ad infinitum and I can’t ever recall us getting any joy from it but it didn’t stop us trying.

I think Slade is watching a different game to us. If something isn’t working then you change it don’t you ? As an example why would you continue to let Lookman take corners after the previous 3 or 4 brought no joy whatsoever ? Most failed to clear the first defender and if they did they sailed out of play and into touch !

We don’t have the best midfield of course but the squad overall is blessed with some decent players most of whom could reasonably expect to start in most teams in this league. Yet we still get outplayed by lesser squads who are seemingly being organised and motivated.

With every passing game I’m convinced that we won’t see the talented Lookman in a Charlton shirt past December. To be honest I wouldn’t blame him for going. What a waste.

Despite an awful display on Tuesday there was still no room for Botaka and Chicksen in the starting eleven. When those players knock on Slade’s door and demand to know why they’re not playing I wonder what the boss’s response is ?

“ Sorry lads but we’re playing so well at the moment and I can’t find a place for you in the team ! “. As I said much more of this and Leeds will be recalling their man. Especially if, as Mr Slade alluded to, we boo him when he comes on as a sub.

Really Mr Slade ? Come on, if you want to create a diversion from another poor game please don’t insult our intelligence. You know as well as anyone else that the boos were for removing one of our two most creative players.

We have a ponderous midfield and yet Slade can’t fashion a team that sees both our wingers start. In addition, he fails to get the best out of Lookman. All the time he continues to play Skip.

We all hold him in high regard but he is struggling this season and he is probably best used as a sub and a motivator or guide to other players.

Please can we start a game without Josh ? He does well but his presence means we’re just constantly hoofing in his direction but there’s never anyone to feed off him so what’s the point ?

You can bet your bottom dollar that most of the footie for a fiver people won’t be back for some time if ever. Many were heard saying that after the game so that promotion was a resounding success eh ?

Thankfully we’ve a break after tomorrow’s meaningless trophy game. Just as well as it would have been a trouncing at Millwall no doubt and never mind the players, we need a break ourselves !

Mr Slade has said he’ll use the break to work on things and improve play but he said that of the last one and we seem to have gone backwards ! I’m sensing that the players are losing faith with him as much as the fans.

It’s a shame as I hoped he’d be good for us and at least get the best out of our squad but we’re a long way from that. I’m not sure how many more games Mr Slade has left but things need to improve or he’ll be latest in the long line of managerial casualties under the present regime.


  1. Opposing central defences know how to shackle Magennis,by fair means or,usually unpunished,foul. Once he has the ball at his feet, his strength and speed make him altogether more dangerous. So! Why not play him on the right wing?

    1. Got to be worth trying something different Keith. His goal on Tuesday came from a run from wide. You'd like to think that Mr Slade is considering different options.

  2. I agree with your comments Phil

  3. Lookman is not a winger. he should be played up front as a forward. But as we have only two wide players on the books Slade is playing him out wide.

    1. I don't really see Lookman as a winger either Anon. I'd play him just behind a front one or two with license to pretty much do what he wants.

  4. I hear Jose Riga is available....

    1. Anon, true and it must be his turn again eh !

    2. If Slade fails Euell is my choice, pulling up trees with the next generation and close to our current first team to have got to know them. He's also proper Charlton and would be better than any network flunkey.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Not a bad shout Si. We missed out on Nathan Jones and Euell has a similar background.