Sunday, 25 September 2016

Time To Be Positive Mr Slade

Losing at home and drawing away isn't a recipe for success by any stretch of the imagination. I can take the away draws if we are winning at home but we're not. In addition, the team is throwing games away from winning positions.

Results need to improve or people might start to question the point of the Target 20k group !

The way the side is set up and the approach is now raising some serious questions over Mr Slade. He is repeating himself after games insisting that draws will turn into wins. The reality is more that wins are turned into draws.

Slade now has two more home games and needs to win them both if we are realistically to achieve something this season and for the fans ( and to a degree perhaps the players ) not to lose faith.

The manager has to look at what has happened in recent games and change his approach. He has been overly cautious and failed to respond to game situations and doesn't even react sometimes. He was quick to take the plaudits for his use of subs after the draw at Fleetwood but I don't think we should have been in a losing position.

In the Wimbledon game we could all see that The Dons were going to equalised and further going to score the winner. Solly was good in the first but was getting out-muscled in the second. Solly should have come off to be replaced by Bauer with Konsa going to right back.

This failure to make changes at the right time and to make the necessary ones isn't helping. Our Leeds man either doesn't start or typically comes on too late to effect games. Even when Holmes hasn't started he still isn't starting even though he has impressed when he has got on the pitch.

Overlooking all that Mr Slade's ultra-cautious approach isn't helping. If he'd been more positive in the last 3 games there's a real possibility that we might have got one win at least. That would leave us with one more point than we have now even if we lost the other two.

We have a fairly decent squad albeit somewhat deficient in midfield and we ought to be putting away most sides. It seems other clubs and managers are making the most of their resources. For example, the MK Dons won comfortably at Fleetwood on Saturday where we struggled to a draw. Compare and contrast......which of the two squads would you rather have ?

The same could be said of other clubs like Northampton, Bury etc. All currently achieving more than we are. As I said we have a reasonable squad and in Lookman a player that all other League One and most Championship sides would love to have. Yet we are behind them. I mean, Millwall have been bad of late but they are above us !

If we witness the ongoing lack of intent and ambition then the crowd will turn and that'd be a shame. Mr Slade speaks well and says the right things about the club, the fans and its history. All well and good but it's results that count and that needs to start now.

Slade needs to show us that he has the tactical nous and ambition to get us where we need to be.

Better start on Tuesday then !

Come On You Reds !




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  2. Very much agree. Another good blog.
    a2c you need to grow up, this chap writes a good and clean blog every week with nothing offensive in there and you still try entice people with silly comments.

    1. Anon, thanks for your comments. Hopefully we'll get the positive approach most of us seek.

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