Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Thanks Chris

It was always a matter of when and not if and today it happened. Clearly Roland and Chris didn't see eye to eye, I don't see how any self-respecting manager could if as we're led to believe the owner is trying to dictate team selection.

The talk of a new contract was clearly nonsense and it was not exactly a secret that Chris was offered something Roland knew he'd never sign. It would seem that Chris won that particular battle as he wouldn't back down and ultimately forced the new owner's hand. I don't blame him.

There are so many reasons for this being the season from hell. It seems likely to end in failure and relegation. I'm not sure that Chris would have kept us up. I'd be amazed if our latest Belgian acquisition does given the lack of exposure to, and presumably knowledge, of the English league.

One has to acknowledge Chris's various shortcomings as a manager and if he had done a number of things differently the team might be in a better position and he might have lasted until the end of the season at least.

I was so pleased when Chris joined as manager because I felt he had the potential to be really good. After a shaky end to his first half season, he went onto gain promotion and in some style. During that marvellous time he wasn't tested too often so good was the team and the squad.

The next season saw us finish 9th after a poor first half season was followed by a fantastic second one.

This season has been tough for a variety of reasons and I'm sure we could all produce a lengthy list of those !

I'm not sure if Chris can go on to be the manager I thought he could. It's possible because he's an intelligent man and clearly possesses some excellent motivational skills as well being a driven and focused individual.

Looking at the picture above and how Chris looks now it's clear managing Charlton has taken its toll. No surprise there I guess. I hope that he is able to get away for a while and have a well earned rest. Following that I hope he returns to football in some capacity as football and society in general desperately needs people like Chris as there are so few around.

No Charlton fan will feed anything other than sadness and sympathy for Chris today as we hold him dear in our hearts. He's given us so many memories to cherish as both player and manager.

Whatever the future holds I'm sure we all wish him the best and I hope we'll see him back at The Valley soon, hopefully pumping his fist in the air after a Charlton home win.

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