Friday, 21 March 2014


One is seen here with the Clarets chairman. He kept talking about the FA Cup and laughing, he's a jolly odd fellow !

After a hiatus of a couple of weeks, ANEM is pleased to announce the return of a guest reviewer ahead of this Saturday's clash with Burnley. This week with gone straight to the very top with no lesser peronsage than HRH Prince Charles. Thank you sir.

Gosh ! I bet you're surprised to find that one is a fan of the Clarets..........and one isn't talking about a good bordeaux here ! No, it's Burnley F.C. for me. How did happen I hear you enquire ! 

Well, on a walkabout in 2011 I found myself chatting to some residents of Burnley. On state handouts with no hope of ever getting a proper job, I discovered we had a lot in common.

The Clarets are enjoying a rather splendid season thanks in a large part to Ings and Vokes. I note that it's been a tough one for you Addicks. In part I see that this has been down to problems with the pitch following the poor weather. As mummy said the other day " I wonder if the rain will ever end ? ". I wasn't sure if she was taking the p**s, I've been wondering about that for the last 20 years !

I think Mr Ings will be absent tomorrow but one still expects Burnley to win.

I see you Addicks have some foreign Johnnies as owner and manager ( I'm not talking prophyltics here ). I believe some think they are of evil intent but little has come to fruition so far. Best to see what happens. Personally speaking rumours of abdication have yet to come true....

I trust it's a good game and may the better team win. Sadly one won't be at the game as one is doing some promotion work for Budweiser. I'm not sure of the exact nature of that but it sounds like fun, at least that's what the Burnley chairman told me through fits of laughter.

Thank you sir for taking time out to write for ANEM.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Your Highness,

    May I correctly assume that you're taking the pee having a pop at our foreign owner?!

    After all, if I recall correctly, you're part Bubble, part Hun. Non?

    I remain your obedient servant etc