Monday, 24 March 2014

Red Red Robin Hood

Errol Flynn - the best Robin Hood

Saturday is best quickly forgotten. Nothing went right. Kicking towards the North Stand in the first half didn't unsettle Burnley, Church, ironically couldn't score in a month of Sundays, the referee was only going to brandish a yellow card for a double fracture and the east stand lino, Mini-Me might as well have stayed at home. 

Once Church had missed, opting to give the keeper a back pass instead of burying the damn thing you knew it wasn't going to be our day. The ref and lino decided the trip was inside the area when it was dubious at best ( later to be shown it wasn't ) and penalty over.

However, onwards and upwards with the first of three away games tomorrow as the lads visit the City Ground in the city of Nottingham. 

Having managed to have HRH Prince Charles grace with a preview for the Burnley game, we've been fortunate to Robin Hood pen ( well, maybe quill ) a few words ahead of tomorrow's. We are especially grateful as we are aware it's been a taxing time of late for Robin.

Knock knock.
Who's there ?
Robin !
Robin who ? 
Robin the rich, to give to the poor !

Greetings ye fellow fans of the football ! The times they are a changing as both our sides have verily removed their manager. King Billy's crusade came to an end today following his side's failure to hit the target ( unlike me eh readers ! ). Sad to see him go but he'll get a decent pay off as long as it's not a penny more, not a penny less than he deserves.

By the way I heard that Simon Church fired an arrow into the air the other day.......he missed !

We may be getting a new striker. I have been chatting to my Spanish rival, El Bow, and he thinks we may be getting one of his countrymen in on loan. Watch this space....

Thankfully one person who won't be joining Forest of Nottingham is Colin, thank Friar Tuck for that ! We've had a number of managers of late of varying ability but the bottom of the barrel doesn't need to be scraped that deep.

Someone else not appearing tomorrow night Marcus of Tudgay, he being of loan to CAFC. He's not allowed to play so perhaps that avails a chance for the recalled loanee Joe Pigott to have a place in the squad.

Given our recent poor run there have been very few merry men in Nottingham of late. Perhaps that Will Scarlet, I mean, change with the arrival of the Addicks.

I must go now as it's nearly 7pm and my favourite radio show is about to start on Radio 4.  

Thanks to Robin for taking the time to share his thoughts.

We could sure do with a win tomorrow. Anything other than a defeat would be good but that is really dependent on us winning most of our home games and that's something we don't often do or have many of in the next couple of weeks.

Come On You Reds !

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